dual boot Win2k pro/ Win2k Server


I have a win2k pro machine(upgraded from win98). I bought a second hard drive, now I want to install win2k server also on this machine, any hints on how to do this?
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elischConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its really quite simple...install Windows 2000 pro.  Then, put the Windows 2000 Server CD in the drive and boot from it.  When it asks you where to install just put it in a different directory than Windows 2000 pro.  This will give you the dual boot option.  If it doesn't give you an option you may need to edit the boot.ini and change the timeout to a higher number.

IMHO, both win2k por and advance server is design to run under mutliple OS environment as both has OS loader.

You can install win2k server on top of win 2000 pro without any problem. During instalation, just select the partition on your second drive and it will be formated as ntfs 5. After installation complete, the OS loader will be loaded.

migueAuthor Commented:
OK, I understand you comment, but I DON'T WANT 'on top of' I want 'next to'. I need to keep the win2k pro OS.So, installing on the second drive(has a primary partion and logical partition) will allow both OSes and install the OS loader?
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hi mique,

both the operations systems will work next to each other and when u boot the machine after installtion u will have the choice to either boot in Win2k pro or server.

>>OK, I understand you comment, but I DON'T WANT 'on top of' I want 'next to'

You might have misunderstood my comments. By installing win2000 advnace server will not overwirte the existing one as during win2000 adv server installation, you have the option to do so.

Yes you can have 2 OS in your system

what's up, you might want to check these links, dual bott is an interesting thing, my sistem is w98/w2k and it works fine, but w2k/2wk svr? well i think you might not be able to run one, but NTFS and NTDETECT will let you choose the os you want to start, just make sure you do not overwrite w2k when you install w2k server. Try and let me know how it went. jmpimentelc@yahoo.com

hi again,

a cousin of mine has successfully installed win2k pro and win2k server on the same computer. and i am running win2k pro and windows xp on the same system. just be sure to choose a different partition when u install the second OS

And one more thing: you can't "upgrade" from Win2k Pro to Win2k Server/Advanced Server anyway! If you have Win2k Pro running and if you insert the Server CD in, the only option available is to "Clean Install"; "Upgrade" option will be greyed out.

This is also true if you're going from Win2k Server to Advanced Server, which I think is a bit silly. In this case, if we have 5 Win2k Servers running and if we wanted to upgrade them to Win2k Adv Srv, we have to reinstall all 5 servers and set up everything from scratch?

Personally, M$ should have allowed upgrade from Server to Advanced Server. Maybe there are some limitations/differences in structure of the two flavours of OS; the differences so great that there's no upgrade path?

But in this case, you should be able to run Win2k Pro and Win2k Server on the same machine in Dual Boot COnfig.
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