Not Include a specific file during search query. ( Frontpage and Index Server )


I'm currently developing a dissusion web with FP using IIS 5.0. I'm using FrontPage's "canned" discussion web for the framework and modifying "as needed".

Everything works well... (surprise! Right?) except for one small issue:

Performing a search for a keyword returns the page containing the contents listing along with all the correct pages ( the default document I'm refering to would be "tocproto.htm" in FrontPage). I have seen suggestions in MS TechNet that refer to using a "noindex" Meta tag...I tried that with no success.

Any Help at removing the document from the search results would be appreciated.
You guys are the best!

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I can do better than that.

Here is the ASP discussion forum that I use.  I think it was the first ASP script I ever used.  Very easy to configure...right "out of the box".

Why don't you download the source the readme file and post back here with any questions you have.
Do you have a url I can go to to see what you are doing??  

I don't think that the FP wizards pay any attention to the meta's so we're out of luck there.

Keep in mind that messing around with FP's wizards is often frustrating and unsuccessful.  I'll see what we can do though.
scotphilAuthor Commented:
This is actually an in-house Intranet....closed to the general public.

Is there some more information that I can give you to assist???

Thanks for your help..


Free Tool: IP Lookup

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One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

How about emailing me the page:
Ok I got it.

In the meantime, I've been experimenting.  Even when I tell the discussion wizard to leave out the TOC it puts it in 8-(

I'll keep working on it and post back here.
Hi Scott.

All the research I've done indicates that a) you cannot explicitly exclude pages from being searched and b) you cannot change the way search results are displayed.

This is directly from the M$ site as well as other newsgroups, usergroups and technical assistance sites.

Is there any way you can ditch the wizard....I use a great discussion forum on my site that is searchable.

It is ASP based.
scotphilAuthor Commented:
Hi !  

I agree that the FP wizard cannot be modified. (That's why I'm here...)


Utilizing FP for the task is probably asking for trouble "down the road". However, my limited knowledge of ASP or CGI limits my potential avenues. I have sole charge of the company web server and can persue any course. I'd love to do it correctly, but just can't get the "first-step" in ASP.

I will award you the points because you came up with the same answers I did, verifying my hunch.

If you could possibly e-mail me a site(s) that would get me started on a crash ASP approach I would be grateful.

Thanks for all your help.

Thanks for the A.

If you have any problems getting the script to work you can email me at

<currently the email notifs for PAQ's here in EE isn't working>

cu next time  8-)
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