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I'm having difficulties with a networked laptop that I converted from NT (SP5) to Win2k. The machine was operating at an office and home environment and at both locations the hardware profile had the computer looking for network resources which seriously slowed down performance. As I'm more used to working with 2000, I thought that would solve the issues of multiple working environment resources.

I installed 2000 with the NT on the same partition so I wouldn't have to reformat and loose the network settings for the office. When I installed the second OS, I chose to skip the networking setup because I was at home at the time.

I now have difficulties at the office network and with the local machine - which may well be unrelated. first, simply the floppy drive is not recognized and w2k asks for the network administrator to solve the problem. I believe this will probabily be a privilage problem with the account user for which an administrator will need to allow permissions.

Second: at the office, the laptop connects to the ethernet and can access the WWW, but not the office network drives/printers.

Finally, because the laptop can access the internet, and I'm troubleshooting the system from several cities away, I would like to do some of the changes to the system remotely. I know the account passwords and I've used intercommunication programs like telenet before. How much of this windows tweaking can I do remotely - with a second user at the other end helping me do things like restart the machine?

This is a complex question and has lots of pieces. obvioulsy i trust the community and value their help. Thanks in advance.
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stevenlewisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
YOu can use the remote desktop Feature of netmeeting, to remotely control her desktop, and you can then do it
First make sure SP2 and any other relevant patches are installed.

2) You may need an IP multi-switch program to switch to different IP settings  for different locations.

                     netsh interface ip set address name=local source=static addr=x.y.z.q mask= gateway=w.e.r.t
                     netsh interface ip set dns local static

                     netsh interface ip set address local source=dhcp
                     netsh interface ip set dns local source=dhcp
 With the MultiNetwork Manager (mnm) boot application, you can select a
                       configuration already at boot time. mnm from GlobeSoft is developed to
                       assist users working in "Dynamic Networking Environments".
                       It provides an easy-to-navigate-tabbed dialog window that is used to connect
                       your computer to different networks (e.g. ISPs or LANs) or multihome

                      They may have a demo version. I know that it works well.
                  These are programs that let you switch between networks:

Shareware select-a-net
Here is a tool for changing the IP on the Fly -that runs from the command line that does this:


                  Here's an explanation of how it works:


                  This works on NT4 and W2K but on W2K there are better ways than using this undocumented  function.

In adition you need to reinstall IP after totally removing all protocols and adapters, getting the newest drivers, and doing this where the Domain is accessable.

I hope this helps !
I installed 2000 with the NT on the same partition
big nono. you have now confused both os's (more so NT)
should have gotten partition magic, created a new partition and set up w2k on the second partition, dual booting (NT must have sp4 or above)
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AJManAuthor Commented:
I think the SysExpert's comment is right on the track but I'm going to have a heck of a time trying to tell a novice how to do this via phone. She will be connected to a high speed internet connection so is there a way to do this remotely?
AJManAuthor Commented:
I wasn't really looking for the IP switching on the fly information so much as stevenlewis' comment on remote control - but now both are necessary components to resolving conflict. Could I split the points between the SysExpert and stevenlewis.

BTW, if the above comment didn't stress it enough, great response stevenlewis - I never knew this feature was available.


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You can put in a request to            
to distribute the points in any manner you think is proper.
This is especially true when you think you have received good information from more than one person.

     I hope this helps !
Hello all, a points split has been requested here, and will be as follows:


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