Convert to NTFS dual boot W2000/NT

Is it possible to convert FAT to NTFS in a dual boot setup W2000/NT?

This is my setup:
3 Hard Drives - all FAT partitions (used to have W98 on C)
#1 - C:(boot partition - no operating system)100MB & F:(files)1.5GB
#2 - D:(NT4)1GB & G(Programs)500MB & H(Files)500MB & I(Programs)500MB & J(Games)500MB
#3 - E:(W2000)1.6GB

I have lost my W98 HD and replaced it with an old 1.6Gig drive to keep my system running. Now I want to upgrade the #1 & #3 Hard Drives to a 20Gig one (2->1). I want to convert my system to NTFS before or after the HD upgrade. Any thoughts on how to transfer files and W2000 OS from drives #1 & #3 to new drive and convert to NTFS to be able to run both OS (W2000 & NT)?


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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Most new drives come with software to transfer data from the old to the new. Make sure you get one that handles NT and win2k.
check the HD site (, and see what software they offer for this ).
Make ERD floppies of each OS !
You may be able to get by with a simple xcopy.

a) Install new drive (remove CD if needed to make room )
b) set up partitions using NT4 or fdisk.
c) use xcopy in a dos window to transfer the data from the inactive IS
ie. run NT and do

xcopy e:\  h:\ /c/h/e/k
this should trnasfer just about everything,
Run win2k and xcopy the NT partition over.

If none can do the job, you may need something like Ghost from  symantec or similar to do the job for you.
I would keep a small FAT 16 partition as C: in any case.
Remember that you may need to play with the boot.ini file since you will be changing where the partitions of NT and win2k are.

I do not see any problems with NTFS as long as you update the NT 4 to at least SP4 as mentioned. If will probably be easier to do it after you have the new drive installed.

I hope this helps !
Nt/win2k conves with the convert utility

just type convert /?  from a dos window or you may be able to use the Disk manager also.

I hope this helps !
If you need a more comprehensive tool, buy partiton magic

Also . Try
Partition Commander from (it was cheap enough - $30-$40).

Free  GAG graphical up to 9 partitions

I hope this helps.
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First hook up your new 20G HD as the "master" drive.
Install win 2000 using fat32 parttion.  Now, slave your other drives over on the secondary controller ;one at a time(secondary master).  Transfer your files over from your old drive(s).

After transfering files...from the command prompt type convert%^$# .  The convert feature is well documented within the Help section of win 2000.

This should solve your problem.
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dvancekAuthor Commented:

Here are my comments/questions:

- SysExpert - I know than W2000/NT come with convert utility but these two OS-es do not use the same NTFS system - does it matter which OS I use to convert into NTFS? - is W2000 going to see the NT4 converted NTFS partition?

- Jason - Can I install NT, instead of W2K (I am more comfortable with NT), as a temporary OS into the new drive, than convert to NTFS, resize partitions over 2Gigs and than copy files & W2K Operating System into the new drive - is W2K going to work on NT4 NTFS partition?
        - I assume that you suggested me to install the W2K as a temporary OS for resizing partitions over 2Gig and copying my previous W2K system from old drive.
If NT has at least SP4 installed, then it can read NTFS 5 partitons from win2k, and the other way around.

You could also install NT and upgrade if needed, but that seems a little more involved.
Just make sure you have the latest service packs and you should be OK.

I hope this helps !
dvancekAuthor Commented:
Reason for rejecting your answer is that you copied it, and SysExpert has helped me with his comments, and I want to give him some points.
dvancekAuthor Commented:
SysExpert, I do not understand what you mean by "You could also install NT and upgrade if needed, but that seems a little more involved". Can you please clarify that.

You mentioed you were worried about NTFS compatibility and were considering installing NT and then win2k over it, I stated that you really do not need that step as long as at least SP4 is installed on the original NT install. It will be sufficient to install win2k in a seperate partition, the more involved way would be to install NT and then win2k over it.

I hope this clears thngs up !
dvancekAuthor Commented:
The only reason I want to install NT on the new Drive is because I have to partition it into partitions over 2 Gigs and format it NTFS at the same time. I do not want to re-install W2K, I want to copy it from my old drive. Can I do that?
if your nt4 is running sp4 or later then just go ahead
and convert c: /fs:ntfs /v
however if your nt4 ever breaks down it won't be able to see the drives anymore
so i recoment you to use nt4 to do the upgrade
dvancekAuthor Commented:
Thanks SysExpert.
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