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I am currently using Xalan 2.2_D6 and the performance seems ok.  Has anyone used anything other than Xalan ?  How was the performance ?

I have trided XSLTC to precompile the stylesheets, but it does not seem to work as described in the notes.  I have noticed that at startup of Xalan there is a one-time hit.  After the initial startup time everything seems to work pretty good.

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Take a look at this:

It is a little bit old but gives some ideas. You will find that MSXSL is the fastes engine... and it is truth.

Xalan is considered one of the slower processors.
As djokov said, MS's is the fastest, but if you're not an MS slave, then I'd recommend Saxon.  It's Java-based, like your developer release of Xalan, and is the gold standard for conformance with the XSLT specification, and is much faster than Xalan.
Check it out at:

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