I have been using the non component ASP upload for some time for uploading images.

I now need to upload much larger files (10meg+) and the script keeps timing out on that and I need a more robust solution.

Does anyone know a good component based ASP Uploader (preferably a free one).

It doesn't have to be ASP based though it would make life easier if it was.
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turbosigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
have you tried setting your connection / script timeout to a larger value?
ASPUpload & SAFileUp are probably two of the best.

Here is a list of all sorts of ASP file managment components.
MS Internet Transfer Control? Problem here is that it's OCX, so must be downloaded to client. Plus is, it's freely distributable. It is asynchronus, that is, it return control as soon as the transfer begins (problem here is, it's difficult to know when it's finished)
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daniel_cCommented: -> SmartUpload!
This is the coolest ASP Upload Component I've ever used, and it's free anyway!

But anyway, once again, it is back to a matter of preference!

niicoAuthor Commented:
Deniel c

I have downloaded the aspsmart component, though it keeps saying page not found on the scripts bit. Any ideas?

Ive followed the installation instructions etc
niicoAuthor Commented:
I have got a couple of the other ones to work (including .dll ones) and it keeps saying the script timed out.

I would rather not have to change the script time out - is there a component that does things in a different way so you dont have to do that?
SAFileUP ( as does ASPUpload ( works nicely for large files.  But they aren't free.

niicoAuthor Commented:
basically I just need something *very* simple that just uploads a large file.

All of the free ones seem to time out or just plain dont work though..

Seems overkill to pay for one when I just require such simple functionaliry.
niicoAuthor Commented:
I just tried that and basicall it solves the problem.

It's not ideal cause the user doesn't really get any feedback that something is happening - though it will do.

If you want the user to see something, you could simply set up a splash screen with a performace meter, etc. or a counter that mimics your connection timeout.
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