How to send 1 SMS message to 6000 cell phones in one time ?

how can i send 1 sms message to 6000 cell phones in one time.

please give me the exact coding and the necessary steps to do.

The answers of the german site are not valible because the service is shut down

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TimCotteeConnect With a Mentor Head of Software ServicesCommented:
Thank you yoolb, I accept that this is a valid use and given that you have signed agreement then it cannot be considered unsolicited.

My suggestion for this kind of volume is that you look at the tellustalk site this will allow you to send an email to an address of the format where CC is the country code, AAA is the area code and NNNNN is the phone number. This is probably not quite the solution you finally need but there pricing structure seems quite low so you could probably set something up with them which will give you a final solution.
May be you are German, so you can contact me at .

To say it with some words:
You have to (mis-)use a provider.
This provider is paying to transfer your SMS from the internet to the cellular (telephone) net. This has to be payed for anyway!

1) you only can SMS as many free messages as "your" provider allowes to,
2) you have to write code that correspond to this provider's web site. Your code runs with no other provider's services,
3) you should expect, that "your" provider becomes rid of you, so he will refuse his service to you after some "experiments" anyway...

If you have a NOKIA and a SUITABLE CABLE for connecting it to your computer you can try this control to sent SMS messages true your phone.  But i don't think it works for multiple numbers at the same time. You have to check it out.

WHEN COMPLETLY LOST you could make a sorta que or timer or looping that keeps sending them out.

The Oxygen SMS ActiveX Control works under Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT and
2000 operating systems family and supports Nokia 3***, 51**, 61**, 62**, 71**,
8*** series GSM phones.

This control is shareware. To register visit

I know it's not mutch but it gives hope !


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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
yoolb, this sounds like spamming to me! This sort of question could possibly be in breach of the member agreement. I would strongly suggest that experts refrain from posting solutions here until either a moderator has reviewed this thread or an acceptable reason for this requirement is forthcoming.
agreed...hence why im gonna take it out of the question list untill the mod has looked at it,

they can quite happily reject my answer it they feel that it is okey,

please dont accept this answer/comment for points, ifs purely taking this question out of the question list until a mod has reviewed it.

many thanks
yoolbAuthor Commented:
I am asking you this question to do a legal mailing list over SMS in stead of letters.
The clients of the disco had to sign a paper and give their cell phone numbers if they wanted to receive a SMS message.
This is completely legal and the clients expect to receive a message of what is going to happen in the disco.
hi peeps,

okey, heres one for you ,

i wanna send the following information out to the com port so that the device attached hopefuly decodes and does what it does when this file is normaly copied in another way to it.

the information is
! 0 100 1900 1
V D 50
P 200
F 124 5 267 280
U A75x180 (15,25,90) 580 600 PRI
F 600 580 195 330
U C40 (2,3,90) 750 950 01/08/2001
U A25 (2,3,90) 670 950 395957  
U A20 (2,3,90) 640 950 Items
U A30 (3,3,90) 600 950 1
U A20 (2,3,90) 640 1020 RPI
U A30 (3,3,90) 600 1030 1
U A20 (2,3,90) 640 1090 Weight
U A30 (3,3,90) 600 1100 10
U A20 (2,3,90) 300 360  Item
U A30 (3,3,90) 300 460 1
U A20 (2,3,90) 300 510 of
U A30 (3,3,90) 300 570 1
U A20 (2,2,90) 70 750 Sender
U A20 (2,2,90) 50 750 XXX                            
U A20 (2,2,90) 30 750 XXX                            
U A20 (2,2,90) 300 730 Order/Ref No  
U A20 (2,2,90) 300 895 test                            
U A20 (2,2,90) 270 895                      
U A20 (2,2,90) 240 895                      
U B42 (4,3,90) 700 950 039
U B14x30 (3,3,90) 700 1050 18235882
U A20 (2,2,90) 270 360 Deliver To
U A25 (2,2,90) 240 360 FALCON CATERING EQUIPMENT      
U A25 (2,2,90) 210 360 FOUNDRY LOAN                    
U A25 (2,2,90) 180 360                                
U A25 (2,2,90) 150 360                                
U A25 (2,2,90) 120 360 LARBERT                  
U A30 (4,3,90) 90 360 LARBERT                  
U A25 (2,2,90) 60 360 STIRLINGSHIRE            
U A30 (4,3,90) 30 360 1071                
U A60x120 (10,5,90) 650 360 87
F 10 335 825 3
BR I2OF5(5:10)- 360 390 232 03918235882400110875
U A20 (2,2,90) 75 75 ANC NOTE No.
U B30 (4,3,90) 35 20 03918235882
U A20 (2,2,90) 5 20 Despatched 01/08/2001

the comport needs to be set at 9600, i think this can be done with the command MODE.COM

thats the first part, ill repost the second once ive got this working

i think the best method would be to use MSCOMM


sugar....sorry peeps, thought i were posting a question,

ignore this, see VB questions list.


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