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error in embedding

  while embedding a GIF file to a richTextItem i am getting error 4067.
i added like this...
RichTextItem rt_item = req_doc.createRichTextItem("Test05");
rt_item.embedObject(EmbeddedObject.EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", image_file_name,"chart1.gif");
error is shown below...can anybody give me a solution?


Chart(1): finalise: 4067, Couldn't attach file chart1.gif
     at lotus.domino.local.RichTextItem.embedObject(
     at Request.finalise(
     at LineChart.finaliseMethod(
     at LineChart.<init>(
     at JavaAgent.NotesMain(
     at lotus.domino.AgentBase.runNotes(


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1 Solution
you are never sure wath your working path is. It is not garantied. So you have to give tha absolute path, like:
please ignore my upper comment :-))

I see your absolute path is allready in: image_file_name

so perhaps the problem can be this empty string. When you look at example in NotesHelp, they state a NULL at this param:
body.embedObject(EmbeddedObject.EMBED_ATTACHMENT,null, "c:\\notesr50\\notes.ini", "notesini");
sorry again...

the NotesHelp state this is recomanded:
If you are using EMBED_ATTACHMENT, specify an empty string ("").

So I totaly have no idea wath is going wrong...
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perhaps you should writeln the content of image_file_name to console before embedding... :-)
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