Property Sheet Resize

I want that property sheet should be resize when any menu command is activated.

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Dear Mumtaz

Try this out..Before i proceed since we r using menus..

we r going to put the above code in ON_UPDATE_COMMAND_UI..that is we r going to
add the above code to appropriate menuhandler function..

Pls include the header file #include <afxpriv.h>

Before that we need to know the ID of the menu that has rised the event ..this is done using

CMenu::GetMenuID() function..this returns the ID of the menu

 In the header add the message function. afx_msg LRESULT OnIdleUpdateCmdUI(WPARAM, LPARAM);
 Add the message map ON_MESSAGE(WM_KICKIDLE, OnKickIdle)
Now we implement the function

SendMessageToDescendants(WM_WM_KICKIDLE, 0, 0, FALSE, FALSE);
OnSize();//call the functtion that ive given above
return 0;

This should help it

did you look at property sheet sections?
Dear malik

heres the piece of code that used to resize property sheet manually


     // your code goes here

     // Add size to system menu
     CMenu* pSysMenu = GetSystemMenu(FALSE);
     if (pSysMenu != NULL)
     // Add resizable frame
     return TRUE;

CMySheet::OnSize(UINT nType, int cx, int cy)
     CPropertySheet::OnSize(nType, cx, cy);
     CRect r;

you will have to deal with the property pages, the buttons, but this should get you started

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malik_mumtazAuthor Commented:
But i have asked that when menu command is activated then CPropertySheet automatically expands to the view window.

so you firstQ is not complete, isn`t it?
look at link I mentoned or use code provedied by Mahesh
What concrete problem you found?
You can`t get view size?
malik_mumtazAuthor Commented:
But i have asked that when menu command is activated then CPropertySheet automatically expands to the view window.

Deasr Mumtaz

Do u want it for any particula Menu field or any Menu Field thats been clickeed

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