Can we add SELECT OPTION dynamically at client side

I want to add <OPTION ....>Something</OPTION> *Dynamically* to a SELECT HTML control in a HTML page. How to do it? To illustrate what I am looking for, I am putting the code below.


  function add() {
     // How to add an OPTION to document.MyForm.options[] array at the end
     // something like ... options.add("1", "Hello");  // Value, Text

  function remove() {
     // How to remove an OPTION from document.MyForm.options[] for given index
     // something like ... options.remove("1");  // Value
<FORM NAME="MyForm">
      <SELECT NAME="items" SIZE=4></SELECT>
      <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" NAME="Add" VALUE="Add" onClick="add()">
      <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" NAME="Remove" VALUE="Remove" onClick="remove()">
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nimaigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this example :

<!-- By Nimai -->
<script language="javascript">
//This function is called by the buttons generated above and is used to move the selected item in the listbox up or down.
function move(f,bDir,sName) {
  var el = f.elements["ro_lst" + sName];
  if(el.length <= 0)
  var idx = el.selectedIndex
  if (idx==-1)
    alert("You must first select the item to reorder.")
  else {
    var nxidx = idx+( bDir? -1 : 1)
    if (nxidx<0) nxidx=el.length-1
    if (nxidx>=el.length) nxidx=0
    var oldVal = el[idx].value
    var oldText = el[idx].text
    el[idx].value = el[nxidx].value
    el[idx].text = el[nxidx].text
    el[nxidx].value = oldVal
    el[nxidx].text = oldText
    el.selectedIndex = nxidx

//Generic function that is used to sort the options array of the select box
function SelectTextSort(obj) { // sort by text
 var N=obj.options.length;
 for (var i=0;i<N-1;i++) {
   for (var j=i+1;j<N;j++) {
     if ( obj.options[i].text > obj.options[j].text ) {
       var i1= (obj.options[i].selected == true ) ? true : false
       var j1= (obj.options[j].selected == true ) ? true : false
       var q1 = obj.options[j].text;
       var q2 = obj.options[j].value;
       obj.options[j].text  = obj.options[i].text;
       obj.options[j].value = obj.options[i].value;
       obj.options[i].text  = q1;
       obj.options[i].value = q2;
       obj.options[i].selected = (j1 && true ) ? true : false
       obj.options[j].selected = (i1 && true ) ? true : false
 return true

function addItem(obj,value,text) {
      obj.options[obj.length]=new Option(text,value);

function removeItem(obj) {
      if(obj.length <= 0)
      var index = obj.selectedIndex;
      if(index != -1)

function removeAllItem(obj) {
      if(obj.length <= 0)
      var len = obj.length;

function transferItem(objFrom,objTo) {
      if(objFrom.length <= 0)
      var index = objFrom.selectedIndex;

function transferMultipleItems(objFrom,objTo) {
      if(objFrom.length <= 0)
      for(i=0;i<objFrom.length;i++) {

function transferAllItems(objFrom,objTo) {
      if(objFrom.length <= 0)
      var len = objFrom.length;
      for(i=0;i<len;i++) {

function selectItem(obj,index) {
      if(obj.length <= 0)
      if(index != -1) {


function selectAllItems(obj) {
      if(obj.length <= 0)

function getSelectedItem(obj) {
      if(obj.length <= 0)
      alert("value :" + obj.options[obj.selectedIndex].value);
      alert("text :" + obj.options[obj.selectedIndex].text);


<SELECT SIZE="10" NAME="ro_lsttest" multiple>
  <OPTION VALUE="2">TestItem 2
  <OPTION VALUE="3">Test Item 3
  <OPTION VALUE="4">Test Item 4
  <OPTION VALUE="5">Test Item 5
  <OPTION VALUE="6">Test Item 6
<SELECT SIZE="10" NAME="ro_lsttest1">
<tr><td><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Move Up" ONCLICK="move(this.form,true,'test')"><INPUT  TYPE=hidden  NAME="test"></td>
<td><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Move Down" ONCLICK="move(this.form,false,'test')"></td>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Sort List" ONCLICK="SelectTextSort(this.form.ro_lsttest)"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Add Item" ONCLICK="addItem(this.form.ro_lsttest,'Value','Text')"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Remove Item" ONCLICK="removeItem(this.form.ro_lsttest)"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Remove All" ONCLICK="removeAllItem(this.form.ro_lsttest)"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Transfer Item" ONCLICK="transferItem(this.form.ro_lsttest,this.form.ro_lsttest1)"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Transfer Multiple Items" ONCLICK="transferMultipleItems(this.form.ro_lsttest,this.form.ro_lsttest1)"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Transfer All Item" ONCLICK="transferAllItems(this.form.ro_lsttest,this.form.ro_lsttest1)"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Select Item" ONCLICK="selectItem(this.form.ro_lsttest,1)"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Select All" ONCLICK="selectAllItems(this.form.ro_lsttest)"></td></tr>
      <tr><td align="center"><INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Get Selected Item" ONCLICK="getSelectedItem(this.form.ro_lsttest)"></td></tr>
LookUp List :
Linking List Boxes to work together :
try this:
 var count=0;
 function add(text,value) {
    var oOpt=new Option(text,value)
    var oSelect=document.MyForm.items

 function remove(index) {
    var oSelect=document.MyForm.items;
<FORM NAME="MyForm">
     <SELECT NAME="items" SIZE=4></SELECT>
     <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" NAME="Add" VALUE="Add" onClick="add('hello',count++)">
     <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" NAME="Remove" VALUE="Remove" onClick="remove(count--)">

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javaq092999Author Commented:
just closing!
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