Setting up mailertables

I am trying to set up mailertables with only some luck.

What I have is a host on my DMZ which will receive all mail for 2 domains and then redirect the mail internaly to the correct mailserver based upon the original domain the mail was sent to.

I set up a mailertable file like this: smtp:[] smtp:[]

The machine on the DMZ in called

I was using sendmail -d38.4 -bs to trace what was happening and I saw this:

When I typed in mail it looks this up in the mailertable and excepts the mail.

When I typed in rcpt it does not lookup the domain in the mailertable but does except the user.

After typing in some data it then lookes up (using mx) and makes a conversation to the host.

Why is it not looking up in the mailertable and just sending it to

I do not have anything in my aliases file (I do not want to receive mail locally for anyone).

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markt9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you makemap that mailertable and restart sendmail?  Have a look at for some more clues
masteryodaAuthor Commented:
This was not the problem.  Actualy the problem was that text maps are broken in 8.11 of sendmail.  I switched to dbm and all works fine now.

However, since you provided so many other good suggestions on your web page I will give you the points.

Thanks a lot,
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