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Book on VB for experienced programmer

I have a CIS degree and work in local Govt = Low $$$ for training.  I have learned Visual Basic on my own and would like to find a book that covers the "smart" way to program vs. the "however you can get it to work" way.  

For example I am building a set of objects to use for moving and formatting data to/from oracle tables.  (beats redeclaring 119 variables each time I write a program to insert data into 1 table!)   I know globals are frowned on but wonder how other programmers handle database connections?  Is it better to live with some globals than experience a performance loss by passing connections/recordsets all over the place?  

So I am looking for a book or site that covers topics such as structured and object oriented programming and performance.  Most of the programs I write do not have user interfaces - I use VB because it is quick to write. (we don't have much staff) (something similar in content to the OReilly book "Oracle PL/SQL Programming")
Susan Nash
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Personally, I've found the teach-yourself-in-21-days to be quite good with information, but I don't think they offer what you're seeking.  It's more of a technical dictionary with good examples.

There's another popular book, Code Complete, which talks a lot about the psychology of programming, and discusses topics such as you requested.  It's quite interesting because it discusses such things as how to prevent bugs, when to improve performance, how to please users, etc.  It's not VB-specific, but then again, neither is your question.

As for object-oriented, oddly enough, I found the "teach yourself Java 2 in 21 days" to be very helpful at teaching me how to be a better VB programmer!!  It never mentions VB, but it allowed me to apply better object-oriented concepts by building classes with well designed properties and methods.

To fill your particular needs go to the Web on and make a search on Visual Basic books and perhaps Oracle or OOP or any other subject you are interested in. You will see many comments from readers that have evaluated each book.

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"Building N-Tier Applications using COM and Visual Basic"

I'll try to find a link
I have found

"Visual Basic 6 Business Objects" by Rockford Lhotka
WROX Press ISBN 1-861001-07-X  

to be of immense use and value.
There is also some good information in MSDN. If you installed MSDN when you installed VB, you can find useful info there, or you can visit

There are some KB Articles, Partial Books, periodicals, backgrounders, etc.

-Dennis Borg
Who needs Books?.. Just come here and post a question.. <smile> and a <wink>
SWilkin676Author Commented:
That sounds a lot like what I'm looking for.  I guess what I'm writing could be considered middleware.  I also agree with the comment about java getting you into Objects in a big way.

The problem with book searches is so often I find they only rehash what you get from the MSDN or help files so you have a book that 3/4 of you got from the help files.  How to do something is a lot easier to find than "How to do something smart"

I'm also a little wary of books with big pic's of the author one them - usually means an EGO trip.

Will look for the Code Complete book - it sounds good also.
I'd be broke for no cause if I asked all my questions here - not willing to stop long enough to wait for an answer.
Susan Nash
Police Information Systems Specialist (PISS) REALLY!
Glad you liked some of my ideas.  Since you accepted Dave's choice, maybe you can report back here on how good the book is so we can get a second opinion.
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