Here's How 2 Remove Kylix OE Nag Screen

Hi All ... this post is from Borlands news server

It details how to disable the nag in
consol apps, Gui apps and the ide...
if anyone makes this work let me know
I'm holding off downloading the OE
until there's a way to de-nagit,5
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intheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi, :-))))
well im impressed so far ,install was so easy (really alot faster than delphi)
and was easiest thing ive ever installed under linux,there were no problems at all.just have your internet connection ready and your registration name/password and on first run it will ask for thenm and if your a member of borland community it takes about 15 seconds to register.
once its up and running it looks amazing,delphi under linux who would have thought eh  :-)

yes there is a nag and yes you can get rid of it(thankfully ;-)
ive put a pic of the nag ,all ive done here is a button and event and press f9 ,also pops up when run as a app,but as above can be dealt with.
help files need attention as aready found some missing links but it does say ot maybe because of the version im running (as in free version )im going to try downloading the updated help files for the professional version as they should work the same only more complete.

so go on get installing ,it's worth it just to see it running on another operating system.
im trying to work out if i can put it on my laptop now ,not sure if theres a rule about how many versions you can install.
Regards Barry
not enough components is also a problem im gonna try installing indy later ..
What are people running it on? I haven't had a linux partition in a while (it's simply amazing how fast a cavernous hd can get cluttered up :( ).  I dl'd the rh 7.1 iso's last night and will give it a go over the weekend.

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Mandrake 8.0 for me.
i have debian on my laptop and are thinking about trying it on that at weekend ..

-- Red Hat Linux 6.2.
-- Red Hat Linux 7.0.
-- Mandrake Linux 7.2.
-- SuSE Linux 7.0.
are the only actual supported distro's .
you should be ok with RH 7.1 but there have been some problems before with it.
if e.e wasnt being so slow at the moment i would look in my paq cause i answered a question about a kylix install issue (and im sure it was with 7.1) a few mnths ago.there was/is a patch to apply that cured it from redhats site.
ill find  link later when e.e is not playing up (ive tried to post this message now 4 times.)
Thanks inthe, esp. as EE's been acting up this morning (ah, there I go wiht local time again ;).

GwenaAuthor Commented:
Hi inthe :-)

   Thanks for the info about your install... I will get busy now and install Linux on my old box (Mandrake 8) and put kylix on it... so glad the nag can be disabled..whew!
I will certainly put details of the Kylix OE in my about boxes..along with the url where anyone can obtain it...This seems obligatory to me....I want people to know about Kylix and Borlands generosity in making an open edition... But I just couldn't stand for my apps to have a spash screen that I didn't the nag had to go..
I sure love Borland's products and it will be soooo cool to finally be able to write some freeware for Linux :-)
GwenaAuthor Commented:
I wonder if EE would consider putting on a new group for Kylix?  If they would then we could let the Linux community know there was a place to come get Kylix/Pascal help... I think all the WinDoze-Delphi stuff in this group might scare them away...too much clutter :-)

Also maybe after a few experts here get comfortable with Kylix we could create some kind of a free 'Kylix For Dummies' PDF book to help out newbies :-)
GwenaAuthor Commented:
Hey inthe...
your web site is really nice... I love that image that you have on your ASM page...did you make that??

...When I clicked on the about link and saw you wife's pic I thought it was you at first... :-)
well e.e is a little more normal today thankfully ;-)

i also loved that asm pic ,i borrowed it several years ago ,i cant remeber where from but the author was clever.
did you see the one under Xtras-Guests ?

ps the site is several yrs old so many links may not work anymore i have the new stuff to update but no time,only updated stuff is in php/mysql db secion which is password protected.i was planning on a huge tips repository for delphi (and maybe kylix)but i need more time and learning of mysql first.the basics are working for a test db i made but not good enough yet to open.

>>pic of my wife ...

it is me ... ok just kiding and im cohabitating not married ,costs a small fortune to do that and thats my computer money i need ;-)

>>on a new group for Kylix
i doubt it they wont even put an asm or mysql section and ive asked many times ..
seems strange to me as they have a "blackberry" section with a total of 14 q's in a yr includin "what is blackberry" ..

For Edey:

about the problem with redhat 7.1,cost 2 points to see it or if neccesary i paste here for you.

GwenaAuthor Commented:
Hi inthe :-)
  No I will have to look at the one in Xtras-Guests... maybe I will snatch the asm pic someday and use it too :-)

Cohabitating and not married...hmmm and because it's cheaper that way and you can buy more computer thingies huh.... I take it she never reads EE (or you'd never have said that here :-)

Too bad they won't add an asm group :-(  I could really put my available points to good use in an asm group :-)
Thanks for the link inthe.  Turns out I'l be away for the weekend and will have to put it off until next week - darn :(.

Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:
No comment has been added lately, so it's time to clean up this TA.
I will leave a recommendation in the Cleanup topic area that this question is:

Accept inthe's comment as answer

Please leave any comments here within the next seven days.
Thank you,

EE Cleanup Volunteer
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