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Is it possible to prevent a user from bookmarking a page? Or is it possible to set the URL that is being bookmarked to something else? So if someone bookmark a page and then uses the bookmark, it will send him (her) to a starting page instead of the exact page bookmarked?

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blackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the actual requirement here is to force the user to come through your start page, you could check the referrer, if the referrer is anything other than your start page you could send them back to your start page, this can be done on server side or via javascript.
yeah, using frames or cgi, your pick, I think both would work okay,

the only way to do it for sure is by using cgi to get teh pages and then print them to your browser...

You cannot prevent the user from bookmarking your pages , what you can do is to protect your pages with some security code .

For example if your pages will have value like this :

where "5463" is a random number that was produced from the current date , if someone will bookmark this page , the next time he'll go to the page , you'll check the value , you'll see it's "5463" and it dosen't match the current date , and you can kick off the user.
But actually to disable bookmarking is something that you cannot do.
way to think outside the box.

that is the perfect solution
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