Fatal Exception OE computer freezes

For the last two weeks a site,a site  that I have visited regularly over last few years, seems to make my computer "STICK", the only way to get out of this "stick", is to ctrl-alt-del ....then end task...... I  get back to my desk top, then reload IE 5.5..  start to resurf the net.

This happens if I go directly to URL of the site which is : www.cadvision.com/HomePages/accounts/darouxl/WHEREART.HTML
if I access this site through a link on another site: which is  www.angloexchange.com a further problem occurs, the cadvision site momentarily loads.. then "STICKS" I have to ctrl-alt-del(NOTHING ELSE WORKS), when I C-A-D, then end task... it reverts to the angloexchange site...C-A-D again ...end task  goes to my desk top.. if I now click on to the IE 5.5 icon  and start surfing the net again ...within about ONE- to One and a half minutes the computer CRASHES to a BLUE screen a message come up"A fatal exception OE has occured at (this last time it was=)015F:BFFA8CD (these numbers change) I have done the following reloaded IE5.5, run msconfig. still no joy,can any one offer any solutions??
I'm behind a firewall, wth a three month out of date mcafee virus scan.
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
How about the answers to my questions, particularly:
1) Have you downloaded and installed all the IE 5.5 program updates from Microsoft?  
2) does it give you a name of the module or program that was involved in the fatal exception 0E ?

The "illegal operation etc., etc. will now shut down" messages could very well mean that some programs have been installed which overwrote Windows system files with their own versions, causing conflicts and failures of various types.  These programs need to be tracked down and uninstalled.
Well you can download f-prot for free from simtel for virus protection.

Have had similar problems wirh another site using Netscape.  Machine would lock up and had to reboot.  Suggest you try another browser like Netscape or Opera on the offending link.
your first link needs an underline between home & page otherwise I had no problem either way getting in.
any hardware changes lately like a memory upgrade ?
it seems strange that is the only site causing that. are there any other problems you are having ? I did notice that site plays sounds when you get into it. any sound problems with your machine & do you have the latest version directx installed ?
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IkionAuthor Commented:
dbrunton, I loaded up netscape and yes no problems accessing the site BUT this follows on:-
(1) I loaded the :recommended  full version of netscape, could this cause a conflict with my IE 5.5 email via outlook, because I scanned a page that I wanted to send to friend, saved it as a tiff on a floopy, went to "New mail" in outlook put a attachment on via the floppy drive,but when I went to check the attachment by clicking and opening the attachment a screen comes up with the following."ACCESSIBILITY WIZARD" there was a problem loading the file specified when running the accessibility wizard?? the attachment doe not "look" anything like a n usal tiff. attachment
Errr.  Don't know on that point.
After putting an underscore in your quoted web address between Home and Pages, as suggested by WiZarD above, I too was able to get to the site with no problems.  I did get a message about needing to install added components from the QuickTime Musical Instruments package, or some such thing, which I let it do.  Have you had any problems with QuickTime on your computer?  Have you downloaded and installed all the IE 5.5 program updates from Microsoft?  Also, please take a look at WiZarD's comment above and answer his questions.  I would suspect they are very relevant in getting the answer to your problem.  One other thing: does it give you a name of the module or program that was involved in the fatal exception 0E ?
IkionAuthor Commented:
Hi all,
Thanks for all the info:-
For Wizard
(1) No memory upgrades or hardware changes at all
(2) No sound problems that I know of , I was once connected to Yahoo voice chat, I could sometimes hear people but could not reply,  that continued for quite a long time,then one day lo and behold I not only could hear but transmit as well, and continues to the present
(3) recently have had quite a few "illegal operations etc etc ...wil now shut down" but msconfig keeps that in check(4) About directx I read the screed about this "Update" once loaded cannot be "uninstalled", I'm a bit wary of programs that have warnings like that, as I had a lot of problems with a copy of IE, supplied by AOL, which I could not get rid of, eventually had to scrub my HDD, to "clean" out,have run Trends housecall the result no virus found,
(5) As I said previously I loaded netscape and had no problem acessing the site, which I found quite intriguing, I scrubbed the "netscape", because it could just be a coincident but I think I've lost the ability to scan and transfer Tiff. files ???, scrubbing it did not help.just as an aside, running netscape amd IE  side by side any conflict?
IkionAuthor Commented:
Hi all,
Thank you for all your very appreciated assistance,
the problem that I encountered, no longer exists on my machine, I did the following and one or more might have been responsible for solving the problem
(1) Initially downloaded Netscape,managed to aceess the site quite easily, thought I had a conflict problem with IE5.5,so scrubbed netscape, problem returned
(2) ran pccillin "homescan" no virus found
(3) reloaded IE5.5 problem still there
(4) ran msconfig (cannot judge the efficacy of this action)
(5)obtained critical updates from MSN
I suspect that one or more of the above had the desired effect, I lean towards critical updates, but after reloadinIE5.5 for the second time I assumed that the critical updates were included??could never get the site to "stick"after all this to find what module had the problem!!
So Leetutor has my VOTE BUT only by a whisker from dbrunton
thanks once again
Glad it's sorted out. Read your comment re wariness installing latest Direct X. I would agree with you on lesser known programs but keeping up to date on packages like Direct X will be more helpful than harmful.


IkionAuthor Commented:
Thank once again , I will load DirectX, shortly
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