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Dos printing stops and disconnects printer mapping

We have a urgent printing problem is starting to anoy the endusers.  They have two PC's (Windows 98), trying to print to the network HP 8000 N printer, which is shared on the network via HP JetDirect Print server.

The problem that they are having is happening to both of the two PC's, when trying to print to a HP 8000 N printer via their DOS package (SUN 426).  They belive to have the printer mappings built into the login script:

NET USE LPT2: \\dellboy\FINANCE$ <\\dellboy\FINANCE$>  /YES

What is happening is that when users print to the printer they receive a SUN program error:


This message normally appears because there is no printer port capture (ie NET USE LPT2 ....)
They close sun and when they go back into the program it is ok again, around 30 minutes later they receive the same error message again when trying to print.
When the problem ocurs they can print to the printer in word etc but the connection in DOS is always recaptured when entering the program.

Has anyone encountered issues similar to this in other DOS applications? Any information no matter how small would be really appreciated :)
1 Solution
Hi Mickey,

My company is using SUN 424 and 425 on Novell NetWare server.  My users are printing to Novell NetWare print queue.  I use the NetWare capture command in system login script as below:
#capture l=2 q=xxxx nt nff nb ti=30
l=2 - Capture map to LPT2
q=xxx - Print queue name in NetWare server
nt - No TAB
nff - No form feed
nb - No banner
ti=30 - time interval = 30 second
It works for all my users using SUN accounting.

I am not sure how the 'NET USE' command works.  But, as long as you have LPT port captured for DOS application, SUN should work properly.  Thus, I believe your problem is on Windows side.

My suggestion will be use the 'Add New Printer' and follow the instruction to add the network printer to LPT3 or LPT4 for test (make printer configuration in SUN change also to LPT3 or LPT4). Make sure the support DOS printing option is selected.  If problem still occur, try to make option change from printer properties.

Hope this help.

Mickey_NunesAuthor Commented:
Excellent, a reply from someone who knows SUN.  The NET USE command is the NT Server 4.0 version of Novell's CAPTURE command.  They can still print in windows when the problem happens in the application(when the DOS capture is lost), via word etc.  Have you encountered any problems like this with the Jet Direct Print Servers.  I will check the printer options but it may be a problem with the jet direct print server.
JetDirect works petty good in my NetWare environment.  DOS capture from login script will not disconnect.  SUN just works fine here.  I really has no idea on NT login script.

Have you tried my suggestion to use 'Add New Printer' wizard to capture LPT3 or LPT4 and use SUN accounting to print to LPT3 or LPT4?

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You might also want to make sure that your users are not running a program that "recaptures" the ports.  I have a customer with the same problem, different OS, but anyway it turned out that they were running  a DOS program that recaptured the ports when it started, bascially disconnecting the network login captures.  It was a CAD program, BTW.  So, check to make sure that none of their programs are doing a recapture when run.
Mickey_NunesAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestions everybody but I sorted it when I went on site.  

What we did was to setup an enviromental variable on the NT Server and got the user to use this when printing, instead of printing by capturing printer ports.

thank you all :)
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[What we did was to setup an enviromental variable on the NT Server and got the user to use this when printing, instead of printing by capturing printer ports]

JGould-EE Moderator
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