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I previously installed KDevelop for KDE, but I want to use Gnome, and can't find anything similar for it.  I want to do C++ development, and don't feel like going back to vi when I'm used to VC++.  [btw I looked at Glade, but what I'm looking for is integration.  Call me lazy]

Is there a C++ KDevelop equivalent for Gnome?
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graham_kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, GLade is your best bet - see  other candidates are at but none really match up.

I much prefer to devclop in C++, but bought a copy of Kylix (see which uses Object Oriented Pascal.  It is far superior for GUI development & you can reuse tens of thousands of components developed for Borland's MS Windows OO PAScal product, Delphi. It will produce executables which run on both Gnome and KDE (uses either QT or Motif, I forget which).

The major drawback is that they ask $999 for it (comapred to only $200 for the Windoze product).  After hunting round on eBay for a few weeks, I picked up acopy for about $200.

So, Glade for cheap & Kylix for slick, easy & powerful. You pays your money (or doesn't) and you takes your choice.
try glade
IainHereAuthor Commented:
Sounds like the anser to "is there a C++ IDE for Gnome?" is "no".  Thanks for the answer anyway.
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Hmmm,  let's be clear about what you are asking - a C++ IDE is basically an editor which allows you to compile within the editor & then jump to the code which cased the error - it has nothing to do with GUIs, so Kdevelop would still be an excellent choice; you could also use emacs and I find Code Crusader a good IDE with Code Medic being a good partner debugger.

If you actually want to develop GUIs then Glade is the most advanced C++ option and is free. Kylix is a siuperior product but uses OO PAscal, not C++ and is pricey.

There are other GUI builders and IDEs. Search and  etc

btw, check out for lots of great info.
I guess I'm a bit late...
Kylix is now free, although all source produced with it must be GPLed. I have written to Borland & they say that they _will_ be porting C++ Builder to Linux, which would be the optimal solution & blow away *all* competition, but they would not give a date.


  your link looks good, even though it doesn't let you easilly create a GUI. Have you also looked at Code Cruisader & Code Medic (although I dimly seem to remember that these may no longer be free)?

Yep, they've started charging for it  BUT, they do also have a feature comparisson page, in case anyone is interested. Naturally, it is slanted towards proving that their product is superior, but if you ignore that, it at least provides details of the competition.
IainHereAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your help.  At the time I asked the question, I didn't realise that I'd be able to use KDevelop in Gnome.  Call me silly if you like, but it seemed that the two were wholly incompatible.  I'll stick to KDevelop.
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