Well I hava a problem... I must show a picture but when the piscture is bigger than teh object is doesn't shows comlpetly.... I want to add a scrollbar but I don't know how to implement it
can U explain me??? please
if you have code is better for me..
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vikleleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A couple of options :

1. Use Imaging for Windows (Kodak / Wang imaging control). It will provide a lot (believe me .. a lot) of additinal functionality too. Downside ... you can't distribute Kodak/Wang imaging control ... though it is free).

2. Create a scrollable view port and put your picture control indei that. I wouldn't say that making scrollable viewport is difficult, but its not something that one does everyday.

3. Buy third party view port control (VSView is one I know .. there must be a few more out there).

There is an implementation of scrollable viewport available in MSDN site. I ma providing the URL here, I see no point in cut-pasting the code here.



search for Q186429 on, you will get a few more references and eloberations on microsoft's implementation.

- Vikram
The best way I've found is to drop the picturebox into a frame along with the scrollbar(s), then have the scrollbars min set to 0, max set to frame.width - scrollbar.width, then add code to the Scroll event procedure to move the picture based on the negative of the value.
Well you could also use the image control instead of the picture control. The image control has a property called stretch which will stretch the picture to the size of the image control reducing or increasing the size of the picture.
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you should refer MSDN , i has complete example for your scenario.

Basically it is PIP - PictureBox in PictureBox, and you have scroll bars - you can use intrinsic scrollbars or flat scrollbars.

The innner picturebox has property somewhat in effect which says - stretch to picture size.
which must be set to true.

Since it is there in MSDN, I will paste the code/link if you need it.

I have made exactly what amit and others describe. If you can't find it in MSDN, let me know and I'll paste an example .frm file here.

Here's a file over the net for you:


Description: Use a small map window to let the user view a larger picture (26K)

That's it!

glass cookie : )
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