How to open a pdf file to a particular section?

We have a lot of links to pdf files on our site, but it would be useful in many cases to be able to have a pdf file open to particular section or page in the document.  Is there a way to do this?  We use both Netscape and Apache web servers running on Unix if the solution depends on the server.  Thanks.
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Boy, is THAT the hard way...

If you've got Acrobat 5 (full, not the Reader), open the DESTINATIONS window, scan the document (there's an icon there to do it), move to where you want to link, click on the NEW DESTINATION icon in the DESTINATIONS window, add a new destination.

The link in HTML would be the same as an anchor in any HTML file -- myfile.pdf#linkhere

It may be in Acrobat 4 too, I don't have it on this machine to check.
Unfortunatly no there isn't a way to do this with a PDF.  
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
No you can't link to a point within the PDF file.  You may consider converting those PDF's into HTML and then you can do what you want.
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Here's a link to an article on PDFZone that'll let you do exactly what you wanna do.

There's always a way.  It's just a matter of finding it.  :)
good find JayBuys.  Saving that for later user :-)
I have an interest in this also, but I was not able to get webwoman's idea to work. I can add the new destination but when I refer to the file in my browser as


it errors out on me.
How did you add the destination? YOu MUST do it in Acrobat, NOT just in HTML.

Open the PDF in the full version of Acrobat. Open the DESTINATION window (listed under WINDOW). Scan the document (you have to do this before you can add a destination). Add a new destination, giving it the name you want for an anchor. Save the PDF

NOW when you use that same link, it will work.
cmulzerAuthor Commented:
webwoman appears to have the best solution.  I'm going to load Acrobat Writer and see if it has this feature and try it.  I only have version 4.
I don't remember seeing it in Acrobat 4, just in 5. But I wasn't looking for it then, either. ;-)
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