Can't Download .ZIP or .EXE files from Netscape or IE

At some point over the last couple weeks I lost the ability to download zip and exe files from either IE or Netscape.  I've tried clicking, right-clicking to "Save Target As", and opening in a New Window.  The first two options create a very quick flash of a dialog box and then do absolutely nothing.  It's as if I didn't even click on the link.  The third option opens a new window with the proper URL in the address bar, but nothing on the page.  The status bar at the bottom left says "Done."

So far as I know, I have no virus software running, and I've reset my Internet options back to the defaults with Medium security.  By the way, this is for my home machine which isn't behind any firewalls.
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would check the file associations in both IE and netscape, besides looking for a virus.

Did you have a helper application  ( winzip or similar ) that you used for downloading, or perhaps an antivirus program ?
Disable them in the startup.

Download the Startup COP a free pcmag utility from
 Run it and it will show you everything that is listed in all the possible startup
                        places, and allow you to disable things one at a time until the problem is eliminated.
 A lot of probelms are caused by excess old baggage - programs that have not been properly  un-installed. Startup Cop will eliminate leftovers and un-wanted programs that you no longer want.
Older Antivirus programs and Norton Utilities have been known to cause problems
try disabling them also !

I hope this helps !
Does this problem show with other filetypes?
Have you changed userprofiles, policies or rights lately?
A couple things to try.

Remove temporary internet files and retry.  If that does not work, check to make sure you are not running out of disk space.

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Check to be sure that you do not have any viruses. When did you last update your virus definitions?
johnelstadAuthor Commented:
sjouke, so far as I can tell, zip and exe files are the only ones I can't download.  Everything else is fine.  I don't think I've changed user profiles or any policies or rights lately.
johnelstadAuthor Commented:
hewittg, I cleared my IE cache and am still not able to download.  I have about 25GB of free space on my hard drive.
johnelstadAuthor Commented:
shekerra, I currently don't have any virus software running on my machine.  I'll look into it.
johnelstadAuthor Commented:
SysExpert, I don't have any helper applications for downloading.

Thanks for sending the link to Startup COP, but I can't download it.  If you want to email it to me try  Thanks.
John - you do not have a virus checker on your computer???
You really need to get one - also you can go here and check now:
and you can checkmark 'scan without registering'
johnelstad : try downloading again. The ZD netsite was doing a Reorganization- I just tried and it worked OK.

johnelstadAuthor Commented:
This was the most helpful answer, but I'm not sure it single-handedly solved the problem.  My hard drive failed on Monday night (not virus related) and after installing the new one and setting everything up again all is well in the world.  Thanks for your help.
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