Windows cannot log you on because ....

I set myself up a Win2k server at home and connected my Win2k Pro workstation to it with a hub.  This is all part of my MCSE training.  When I try to log into the domain with an account I created in Active Directory, I get the message "Windows cannot log you on because the profile cannot be loaded - DETAIL The system cannot find the specified file"

On my workstation, Windows resides on partition D: and this is where Documents and Settings resides.  "Default User" is in this folder.  The worstation boots off of C:  On the server I created a user, gave the user Admin privledges, and was very generic in the setp.  No pofiles or home directories were specified.

I can log onto the domain as "administrator" from the workstation.  DHCP, DNS and AD are all workig fine.  Any ideas on what I am overlooking?

When I check Documents and Settings on both the workstation and server, the account I set up in Active Directory does not show up after I have attempted
to log on as a new, first time user.

I am told that this error usually happens if Default User is deleted by accident.  I have TweakUI loaded and have changed \program files\comon files & \prgram files fron d:\ to c:\.  WINNT resides on d:\ but the workstation boots from c:\

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newwaveproConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes if it is all on one partition the defaults used by the W2k are from c:\ in most general cases all Win2k machines prefer the NTFS partition on C: not any other drive letter. unless u migrate them into the system.
What is the complete contents (including any hidden dirs!) of the "Documents and Settings"-Folder on the Workstation?
Have you added the computer workstation itself to the Active Directory? if not you will need to add it there, then in those properites add the additional group of users that is require there as well.

To get to Active Directory
Control Panel |Administrative Tools|Active Directory Computers & Users

Then once there the MMC will open and on the computer list make sure you have added the WKS to the list from the action | new computer  then from there you can change any of the settings regarding the WKS in logging into the Server.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

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meeshaAuthor Commented:
The computer was already added to active directory.  Here are the currents settings:
DNS Name:
Role: workstation or server
[checked off] Trust computer for delegation
Member of: Administrators, Domain Users

On the workstation "meesha", here is the folders in Documents and Settings:

All Users.WINNT
Default User
Robert Walker.MEESHA

The account walker.r is the user I added to Active Directory.  When that didn't work because of the subject error, I tried creating a local account on the workstation "meesha".

I can log onto the domain with the administrator account.
first of all attempt with an addition 'seperate' admin account name it robert on both systems, then attempt to login, need to narrow down if its just the 'Original' admin or any admin, then we will determine if your  Domain User(s) setting correct.  Also TweakUI has been know to cause some 'interesting bugs' in regards to Domain based logins.
meeshaAuthor Commented:
I created a local account called 'robert' and made it a member of Administrators.  Then in a terminal session, I logged into the server as 'Administrator' and created a user in Active Directory called 'robert'.  I checked off "password never expires", gave robert a password, and made the user a member of Administrators.  The user, by default, was already a member of Domain Users.

I exited and terminated my terminal session.  I logged out of my workstation (locally) and logged in as 'robert' with the correct password.  I chaged the domain to Skunkwerks instead of local login (meesha).  The error message was the same, "Windows cannot log you on because..."
okay login as you have been able to you should see in the event viewer what error code it is with this particular login message, if i had that error number then I can give you a solution, without it I am kinda grasping here now since you can not login under "any other" administrator account.  This could be a WINS, LMHOST file problem for the workstation as well. So we may have to add some other net protocols depending on if you can find the error code or not.
meeshaAuthor Commented:
Source: Userenv
Event ID: 1000
User: NT Authority\System
Computer: meesha

Windows cannot log you on because the profile cannot be loaded. Contact your network administrator.

DETAIL - The system cannot find the file specified.  
Does the system have ACL access rights to the Defualt User directory? Check the rights, and for testing maybe give everyone full access on the dir.
sounds like then you need this file for migration

Since you do not have a "normal" install of Win2k Pro you will need to use the wizard from the Server to the Pro to gain complete access to the system.
meeshaAuthor Commented:
Newavepro, do you imply that if I reinstalled Win2k on a single partition c:\, I might solve my problems?

AvonWyss, what should the ACL right be for the Default User folder on the workstation?

Just a thought but if you upgraded your 2000 from NT the user profiles are not held in "Documents and settings" but are in the "Profiles" folder as per WinNT

ACLs should be:

Administrators, SYSTEM: Full Access
Everyone (Users, Power Users): Read
meeshaAuthor Commented:
Although I ended up reinstalling Pro, this was essentially the answer I needed "migration" and the ensuing migration utility.  I could have gone this route and used the utility, but as a new MCSE trainee, I don't want to complicate things.

I am slowly putting things back together and the problem was corrected with the reinstall ans single partition.

Thanks all for your help.
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