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Posted on 2001-07-29
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-27
Hi, my computer is about a year and a half old.  It is a celeron 400 MHz w/ 256 mb ram on an Abit BM6 motherboard.
Sometimes when I turn on the computer (monitor and tower), they both turn on ok, however the monitor stays blank and black.  Also the tower's 'active' (orange) light stays on, so I think it's loading, but it's not.  So therefore i have to shutoff all the power to the computer.  I then wait a few seconds, and turn on all the power and try it all again.  Afterwards it will work.
But I know that this can't be normal, and how do i prevent it?
Or what's wrong?
Question by:azn_montague
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Expert Comment

ID: 6332948
a few things to check here.

1. lose connection between your monitor and the devices.
The graphic adapter might not properly inserted into the slot. TRy to push it in a little harder.

2. Weak power supply.
Weak pwer supply could cause your pc to boot up abnormally. Even though it specify the voltage is 240 and above, the voltage to your mobo is crucial. in such case power to your pci slot or agp slot has to be ample enough

LVL 13

Expert Comment

ID: 6332974
How do you know its not really booting when the power is on?  Is there a little light for hard disk activity that isn't running?

You're certainly correct that this is not normal, but we'll need to narrow down the possibilities a bit more:  Is there a 'reset' button on this computer?  As opposed to the on/off switch.  Next time the machine comes up incorrectly, press just the reset rather than power off and let's see what  that does.

Expert Comment

ID: 6333031
the only true way is to borrow a monitor to see if it is loading when you think it isnt,

i could certainly agree in this case with kahthlean on this one,

it could be a video card problem or week power.

i would with possible video card myself. do you have aspare card kicking around you could possibley try for a few days.

on the other side does your monitor power plug in the back of the PC.

ive had a case with a companys computer when they were having simlar problems, i found that it was a screw lodged between the motherboard and case. instead of shorting the computer out it was funny enough stopping the video card from working, but thats probley a different case.

the only other thing i could possible suggest what it might be is you have a fault mobo, but is highly unlikley.


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Expert Comment

ID: 6333036
If it works from a reset, I usually find that the CPU core voltage is getting a bit marginal for one reason or another. Sometimes cured or caused by a BIOS upgrade, sometimes curable by tweaking 0.05 to 0.1V up or down.

Expert Comment

ID: 6333493
hi azn,

the prob i guess is with the the memory module. i think there some kind of loose contact between the motherboard and the DIMM. sometimes it may happen due to the dust. try cleaning the slot with a peice of a soft brush and plug the DIMM.

also check if the LEDs of the keyboard flash twice while booting.

Expert Comment

ID: 6335243

 i think u must to cheak ur Ram  and Display card because same time RAm and display card can cause the problem ,i think ur must try to clean the Ram slot/Ram and AGP slot  use only the softbrush ok, if still can not i think the problem is can for the mainboard .

Expert Comment

ID: 6335458
If you have recently upgraded your Direct X software, nake sure that your driver supports the version you are installing.  I recently thought I had installed the direct X 8 and installed the latest video driver for my system, this is a driver that requires Direct X 8 and since it really hadn't been loaded I had to reinstall the Direct X 8 then my driver.  It works fine now.  Mybe you have something similar.  You gave us some of your system specs, can you tell us about your graphics card, memory and any other software or peripherals you may have installed?

Accepted Solution

pbessman earned 150 total points
ID: 6335479
I see your system supports the soft Menu settings, normally you should not have to alter what it detects for your system power perameters.  However, you may need to make sure that you have the proper CPU set up in the system.  I know you did not say that you were getting is related but if you are trying to overclock your processor, you may want to use the real settings for your system until you get the information to do this without issues.

Expert Comment

ID: 6339185
a 'C' here without explaining the reason behind that?

Expert Comment

ID: 6339978
Please explain why a "C".  Did we resolve your issue or are you still facing it?  It is nice to know something about how our answer helped, if it helped and so forth.  A "C" grade indicates that I touched on something but did not explain something fully or that all answers were innappropriate but this was the least innappropriate.  I like to know when I am successful in resolviong an issue.  I don't feel I have done anything for you with the grade you have given me.  Thanks kahlean for pointing this out.

Expert Comment

ID: 6342943
no problem pbessman, i dont any experts comment here deserve a C here. Better bring it to CS


Author Comment

ID: 6343379
this is just a temporary letter grade.
Becuz i'm not sure if this method will work or not for sure yet.  So i'm going to see if it halts on me on startup for a few more days.

So far so good =) .
Thx pbessman.

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