graphic software screen does not refresh fast

Hello there

I am developing a VB application which involve a scrollable screen and user can place objects in that worksheet. its a very big worksheet. now the problem i am facing is that the screen refresh is not very fast that is when for example the user moves a object on the screen with the help of mouse draging, the screen does not refesh so quickely because i have to refresh the whole screen with every mouse move with the object. i want to know is there any routine or techniques that i can refresh the screen quickly.My application is like the visio and i am amazed the screen refresh in visio and other softwares. are those guys using some low level routine or some special techinques. I am using pixles and lines to draw objects on the screen.

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andysalihConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could so download this source code,its do a scrolling space defender game, im thinking that the method for scrolling the screen and redrawing the ojjects would be handy.

not sure it will be as good as the others, not tried it. as im stuck at work and shouldnt be on ere anyway :o)

hope it helps
good luck

shahzad73Author Commented:

thanks andy for the links i will visit them when i get out of this bloody routines. i looks to me that i have to take a good look at them.  okey lets wait for some one else for  some more comments

shahzad73Author Commented:

That space defender is a hell of coding, it will take some time to figure out what's really going on. any way some its very good source to begin

thanks andy
hope they will help you , glad to of helped

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