PPPoE over Ethernet over L2TP

Hi all,

Is the following configuration can work ?
1. End user with PPPoE clietn and Ethernet connection to HUb
2. Multiple PPPoE session connected to a Router via a shared Ethernet
3. Router connected to Remote BRAS via a IP Network (either a multi-hop network or IP VPN/L2TP)

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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
l2tpd just supports multiple dial-in connections, but what you need is multiple dial-out connections.
There is a patch for l2tpd 0.63 at http://sourceforge.net/projects/l2tpd/  which is a quick hack (using PPPTP), but has been tested succesfully on Linux against 3Com's HiPER ARC and win2k.

Probably you need to patch l2tpd once more, you're welcome ;-)
If you're interested in the history of this patch, have a look at (which in fact does not answer you question)
I don't see any problem, but it might depend on the router and / or the PPoet implementation.
I have 2 computers , both using PPoet connected to a dumb hub, connected to my DSL modem/router.

I hope this helps !
tomyu99Author Commented:
Hi Sysexpert,

Many thanks for your reply, but the things that i am not sure is the connection from the router to the BRAS.
The normal broadband implementation is a DSL router then a PVC all the way to the BRAS. i.e. it is a point to point layer two connection between the BRAS and the router.
What I want to know is whether a IP routed network, or more precisely... a IP/VPN L2TP tunnel will serve instead of the ATM layer 2 network.


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does this mean that each PPPoE has its own endpoint on BRAS?
By which side is the PPPoE initiated, PC or BRAS?
Could you please describe a bit more detailed the BRAS side.
tomyu99Author Commented:
Hi Ahoffmann,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, each PPPoE  has its own endpoint on BRAS. The PPPoE session is initiated from the PC side just like the normal PPPoE/DSL connection.

Actually, what I would like to confirm is whether it is possible to build a broadband network by a IP/VPN instead of the normal ATM layer 2 network.


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astaec, and what has this to do with l2tp?
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