printing ER diagrams in Access 97

I have seen about 2 years ago, an answer relating to my question (which is...)

Where can I find this utility (something like a plug-in) of access 97, that allows me to print the window with the relationships??? (the ER Diagram)

Sorry for the low points, thats all I have got...

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gm395Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeap, it seems the link is outdated, but autofrowards to this address:

This should do the trick
Just a comment! I DID notice that you are using Acc97.

Starting with Access2000 MS FINALLY made it possible to print out the relationship diagram, also with zoom and diffrent layout to cutomize it the way you want.

So if you have Access2000 you can open your 97 DB there and print out your databse from there..

the link you provided is outdated

Strictly speaking, this is not an ERD. Access lets you mix conceptual, logical and physical models happily.
The relationship screen in Access is something between the physical model (if there are only tables) and the logical model (if you have queries in the diagram as well).
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