Win 2k Server Installation Problem !

Hi all,

During my first installation of Windows 2K Server, I have faced a problem. Here it is :

"When Win 2k Server wants to detect and install devices on my computer such as my keyboard and mouse, the process seems to not going ahead, just I have a continuous hard activity. I mean I have no problem during first 50% detection, but it seems to stick on 50%, just I have a continuous hard activity, but I can't see any process progress."
I have waited for 40 minutes. Should I wait more?

I have never seen such a problem in win 98!

I welcome every suggestion! (I really need Win 2K Server in my box)
Thanks for notice and reply ;)
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newwaveproConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well first of all by that list I can tell you from the HCL that dew_associates has already mentioned.  But by looking over it the Video card is not complaint for Win2k period the sound card you need to have specific model type and also your motherboard maker, the chipset type and possible BIOS upgrade to handle Win2k.

You may have to change some components but I will not tell you that you wont see it in your box either.
You haven't posted your system config, but yes, there is a possibility that it takes that long.
You can try taking everything out the box, except the videocard, the harddrive, MB ,RAM,and CPU. Try again, if it does goes fast then, it's a hardware problem. If not reinstall all devices and try again, but be more patient.
Windows 2000 Server is a very advance OS compared to 98, so don't expect it to be as fast.
This is uncommon and I would have to disagree with Xterm as I've installed 2K Server on many a machine and never saw this. I would, however, reccommend pulling everything as stated above except for video and then installing and this will tell you if you have a "culprit" hardware piece that may be causing the problem.
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Peyman, you may want to compare your installed hardware against the Windows 2000 Hardware Compatibility list at Microsoft's Knowledge Base site to make sure that everything in that box is compliant.

if you use a USB device it can take awhile to do the plug and play bit of the installation
epeymanAuthor Commented:
Well, my system config :

CPU : Pentium 500Mhz III Intel
HARD : 30 GB Quantum
Video : Trident 9750 PCI
Fax/Modem : Motorolla
Sound : Genius
Floppy : 1.44MB


Is it enough? ;)
I can't believe that 98 has no problem with these devices, but 2k server has. I mean 2k is very advance.OK???? So It should detect better than 98! Right?

Please dont tell me that I will never see 2k server in my box!! :)
BTW thanks all
disable the powercontrol options in bios  
peyman, although your list of components is not thorough enough to make a determination on everything, the video card and sound card may be a problem. Some of these problems you may be able to resolve by copying the installation files as well as drivers for those devices to a partition on a hard drive and then modify the installation INF to load appropriate drivers. The motherboard and Bios may be a problem that needs to be addressed.
Seems that the accepted comment was a repeat of Dew Associates.  Dew, look for your question in this topic area

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Thanks C101!
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