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Computer reboots/freezes spontaneously...

Posted on 2001-07-30
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-10
I just built a new computer for myself, it's a T-Bird 1.2GHZ, Abit KT7 mobo, using Win98SE. I have a Kyro II card along with a SB Live! Gamer card, and a Linksys ethernet card. Oh, and a Philips CD-RW and a Pioneer DVD drive.

Everything normally works fine for a few minutes, then everything will suddenly freeze for a few moments, after which it reboots by itself. I know it's not CPU temperature, it's constantly 27 celcius.

Any help or insight on what the problem could be would be great. Thanks!
Question by:rodvinge
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Expert Comment

ID: 6336486
since you have rule out the possibility of heat issue here, here are a few other possibilites

1. Power supply, a weak supply supply can cause insufficient power flow to your devices that is attached to your mobo. For a Athlon unit, iti s advisable to obtain a 300 watts power supply.

2. Conflicting devices.
You might have some devices that might be conflicting among each other or incompatible with your mobo. THe most known culprit for such system freeze is grahpic adapter. I have not really heard about Kyro II card. ut it is possible to update to the lastest driver.

3. Faulty memory
This can be another possibility. Certain mobo can be very sensitve in choosing the right memory that is compaptible with it. Hence it is advisable to use a more branded ran such as kingston. Nevertheless you can try to download this software to test your memeory. This software is called docmem and can be obtain thru www.simmtester.com

Hope this will give you some insight of what you are currently facing now



Expert Comment

ID: 6336487
27C?  That sound very cold for an AMD!  Where are you getting that reading from - the CPU, the heatsink, or the motherboard?  I never trust temp measures too far anyway - I've found discrepancies of about 30C between programs!  At the least see if you can hunt down another program to test with - eg Motherboard Monitor ( http://www.thegeekgroup.org/ ).

My first thought is that the heatsink is not on correctly.  The heat is not getting into the heatsink (hence it's only 27C), and so the CPU is overheating.  Is the heatsink quite warm to the touch?

I'd pull the heatsink off and check the thermal transfer compound (you DID use thermal paste/tape, didn't you??).  If it's tape, I'd clean it off with a razor blade and use thermal paste instead.  If it's got thermal paste already, I'd clean that off and reapply.

When you apply the thermal paste, just use a few drops, and gently smoosh the heatsink against the CPU to create a thin, even layer.  A thick or lumpy/uneven layer is bad, and may well cause this kind of problem.

Also check that the power supply is on the AMD approved list, and if not see if you can borrow one that is to try.  If you explain the situation to a store, they may well let you try a different model power supply before you buy.


Best of luck, and keep us posted!
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Expert Comment

ID: 6336488
1) Make sure the power supply is up to spec. A weak one can cause this. Disconnect the CD's and see if it still happens.

AMD power supply requirements.                                      

2) check all the cabling for intermittent connections, or possibly a short from the motherboard to the case.

3) It could be a bad motherboard, remove all cards except the VGA and see if this still happens.

I hope this helps !
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Expert Comment

ID: 6336500
Er... alteratively you could try the _correct_ link for Motherboard Monitor


<slinks sheepishly off screen>
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Expert Comment

ID: 6336570
Yeah, even very well cooled Athlons hit around 40c fairly quickly, 27c is room temp here in the summer, sounds like something is wrong with that.
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Expert Comment

ID: 6336619
Just some clarification required.  

Does it run, reboot, run, reboot, run, reboot  etc


Run, reboot and then run OK
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Expert Comment

ID: 6336800
> cold for an AMD

My AMD-K6/2 at 500 Mhz is "cool":

Fan #3               :  5273RPM      High :  5273RPM       Low :  5192RPM
Temperature #1       : 28?C/82?F  (motherboard)
Temperature #2       : 27.5?C/81.5?F (CPU)

I've got a heavy-duty heatsink/fan on the AMD,
and another fan embedded in the side-panel,
blowing air "down" onto the motherboard.

So, it *should* be running "cool".

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Expert Comment

ID: 6337296
Something is wrong with your CPU installation. Athlons don't run that cool. 40-50 degrees C should be expected as an "idle" temperature for this class processor, the cpu fan should be running on/off depending on internal, environmental temperature(should approximate room temp.). I suggest that you obtain and read the "Socket A AMD Processor Installation Guide" available at
Another very helpful artcle can be found at Arctic Silver.
I would suspect that your processor core is not close enough to the thermistor in the socket well to obtain a correct temp reading. The shutdowns are a result of overheating the core. Repeated attempts to run this processor without proper installation may result in permanent damage to the processor.
The Maximum die temperature is as high as 96 degrees C.
BIOS example:
Warning Temp...66C/151F
Shutdown Temp..70C/158F
Current CPU....46C/114F
System Temp....30C/86F
Check all jumpers/settings to assure that settings are correct for cpu, proper voltage/clock speed/multiplier etc. Recheck.
Good luck...T

Expert Comment

ID: 6338773
Incompatible or defective memory is a common cause of stability issues. Always follow the recommendations of the motherboard manufacturer, since memory compatibility is dependent on the motherboard and chipset. Contact the motherboard manufacturer to determine what types of memory are supported.

An outdated BIOS or outdated drivers can result in an unstable system. Consequently, the latest BIOS update and motherboard drivers from the motherboard manufacturer should be used. Many motherboards will not boot if a faster processor is installed until the BIOS update that supports the faster processor has been installed. The latest drivers for all components (i.e. video card, sound card, etc.) should be used as well. Drivers are usually available on the component manufacturer's web site.

For best results, use AMD Recommended Power Supplies with the AMD Athlon Processor and the AMD Duron Processor. Many power supplies currently on the market do not meet the requirements for AMD Athlon or AMD Duron processor-based systems. AMD tests the ability of power supplies to provide the power sequencing and current requirements of AMD processor-based systems. The supplies on AMD's Recommended list are recommended for their capability to supply appropriate power on both the +5-VDC and +3.3-VDC power rails.

Finally, to ensure reliable operation, use AMD Recommended Motherboards with the AMD Athlon Processor and the AMD Duron Processor. AMD evaluates motherboards using an internally developed suite of BIOS, electrical, and software tests. The motherboards on these lists have been tested to ensure compliance with motherboard design guidelines for AMD processors.


Expert Comment

ID: 6703814
Hi all,

This question has been open for quite awhile. I am going to allow feedback from the questioner and experts. If it is not resolved, I will delete or accept an answer based on the info I have been given. Experts, feel free to offer input, or even suggest who you  think is correct. I will monitor this question for a period of 5-7 days and come back and evaluate this question.

Questioner, if you were helped, chooses whom you would like to award the question to, and Accept Comment.

Thank you,
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