Pro*C       sql query to retrive n'th row in sorted order??

Posted on 2001-07-30
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
when i compile this embedded sql with oracle 8.1.6 Pro*C compiler in SUN-SOLARIS environment. I am getting the following error.

EXEC SQL select min(mobile_id), max(mobile_id) into :FromMIN INDICATOR :FromMINInd, :ToMIN INDICATOR :To
MINInd from (select mobile_id from customerTable order by mobile_id)  where rownum < (:n);

Syntax error at line 76, column 187, file minrange.pc:
Error at line 76, column 187 in file minrange.pc
EXEC SQL select min(mobile_id), max(mobile_id) into :FromMIN INDICATOR :FromMINInd, :ToMIN INDICATOR :ToMINInd from (select mobile_id from customerTable order by mobile_id)  where rownum < (:n);
PCC-S-02201, Encountered the symbol "by" when expecting one of the following:

   , ) union, connect, group, having, intersect, minus, start,
   where, with,
The symbol "group," was substituted for "by" to continue.

Error at line 0, column 0 in file minrange.pc
PCC-F-02102, Fatal error while doing C preprocessing

Above sql stmt. has to retrieve the n'th mobile-id from table customerTable. Is there any other way of retrieving n'th mobile id number without the inner query. Pls. Remember we cannot use rownum = :n in oracle. & Result should be based on sorted order of mobile-id.
Question by:mogunek
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Expert Comment

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you cannot use an order by experssion when selecting from select clause (just like creating a view with a order by).
try using:
EXEC SQL select min(mobile_id), max(mobile_id) into :FromMIN INDICATOR :FromMINInd, :ToMIN INDICATOR
MINInd from (select mobile_id from customerTable) where rownum < (:n) order by mobile_id;


Author Comment

ID: 6346841
You know "order by" will work after the where clause, So if the table is not in sorted order then it will pickup the first n records and finds n'th record out of these.

If you have some other query, Pls. give me.

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