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Reliable UDP

Anybody can tell me some articles(or links) talking about reliable UDP transmission mechanism. Better formal resolution.
Thanks a lot.
1 Solution
UDP by it's very nature is NOT reliable since it is connectionless.

I would look into articles on VOIP ( voice over IP ) and other stuff for more details.

I hope this helps !
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
There's a spec out for Reliable UDP called RDP. Given the problems that a couple of the firewall vendors have encountered it may be awhile before it's widely implemented. Search the internet for RDP and you'll find some technical detail. Cisco calls it RUDP or Reliable User Datagram Protocol.

SysExpert: "Connectionless" is short hand for "not connection oriented" which is different from unreliable. You are correct that UDP cannot rely on itself to insure reliable data delivery  . . . which is why applications that avail themselves of UDP often include their own form of integrity checking . . . TFTP for example.

Good luck.

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xutaoAuthor Commented:
Thanks SteveJ, can you give me some links to the articles about RUDP?
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
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