How to search for specific text in all files

I am trying to find a way to search for part of an ip address in every file on a Mandrake box. What's the easiest or fastest way to do it?

For example, I want to look for 172.16.10. in all files and print them out verbosely.
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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
find / -type f -exec grep 172.16.10 {} \;
cd /
grep 172.16.10 * -r

If you are looking for a config setting, its probaly best to start in /etc instead of / as all the config stuff should be in there.

ahoffman's command is the way to go, you might want to add -H to the grep command to ahoffman's line so you will also get the file name and path that contains the string as follows:

find / -type f -exec grep -H 172.16.10 {} \;

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tdaoud: What is wrong with a recursive grep from the top level directory?


I always knew to use the find command, this is the first time I know from you that grep has a -r option to recurse sub-directories.

To tell you the truth all I wanted is to add to ahoffman's comment which would have been my answer too the option that displays the file name along with the output.

My appologies if my comments affected this question in any way.

I stuffed one random data in a file:

[david@mort ttt]$ grep 123 * -r
[david@mort ttt]$
-H and -r (respective -d recursive) are options known to grep version > 2.3. Also this is for GNU grep only.

So, my solutions works for any grep, independent of its version and/or platform. If you like to have the filename too, use -l option (also independent of ..). To get the path instead of the filename, the find command must be somehow trickier ;-)

Well, I'm picky again, please don't punish me ..
phreakin didn't give any linux/kernel/grep/shell version, so I posted this general purpose version, even if phreakin's system might do it somehow simpler with other options.
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