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more cpu

i have a few presarios, 5600S(400mhz), 5861(600mhz) & 7000(1,2ghz); all amd

is it possible to use an add-on to increase cpu?

basically i would like to add cpu, without paying 1 or 2k for a new computer, as i dont need all the stuff but just cpu, and 1 amd processor 1,4ghz is only worth 150$; or are there shops that can do cpu extension inside pc or outside with an add-on?

thank you
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>>is it possible to use an add-on to increase cpu?

Dont get what you meant by an addon hear. Are you try to say that adding another cpu to your system? If so this cant be done. Most desktop pc does not support dual cpu unless it is a server unit.

Or are you try to mention an addon device that can boost your cpu unit here?
Perhaps no here. In order to increase your system perfromance you can consider of upgrading your ram here or possiblity of upgrading your cpu to a faster cpu.

You can check out from compaq what are the upgrade option available to you at www.compaq.com .Or you can check out from www.ebay.com for hardware trading here.


Are you asking if there is anyway you can add a 1.4ghz processor to a 600 Mhz processor to get a 2Ghz processor ?

If this is the case to my knowledge no because you are running two different speed processors they have to be same speed like 1.4 and 1.4 ghz  

Why do you want to increase CPU speed ?

If you computer is not as fast as you want you may want to look at other things like BUS Speed, Most PC's have 66mhz or 100mhz, I recently have seen motherboards with a 400Mhz BUS.

also kahlean also has a point with the ram. That can make a big difference too when the computer uses virtual RAM it is much slower they also now have RDRAM or DRRAM something like that it is being put in all the current systems it is (I believe) 20 - 30% faster then SD RAM which was the standard up until this came out and it was 20 % faster then EDO. EDO was the standard 4 or 5 years ago.

I will give you an example to determine if your CPU is slow or if your BUS is too slow.

You are working in microsoft word or any regular program it responds fast and so forth and seems like it is working fine.

Another example you are trying to read cd's your reader is a 48X but yet it seems very slow, or your zip drive or other perphrials and devices attached to the pc....

if it is the second example your BUS and your RAM will help but not increasing your processor to put into perspective your Your BUS takes all the information from the processor and gives it to the CD-Rom, Printer etc... so it is kind of like a city bus at the depot loading all the passengers and going from the depot to drop people off at there homes.

This is general idea of what a BUS does in your computer, whenever you access the hardware on the pc outside from the motherboard you are using the BUS,

so if your PC is a 1.4 Ghz machine lets say your bus is 100Mhz  when you access your hard drive cd-rom etc... your pc is only running at 100Mhz, not 1.4Ghz.

When you are working in a regular microsoft office application such as MS Excel you input formulas and then the pc calculates everything for you in a split second.

So another words the faster the bus the better, also you want to have at least 512 L2 cache or 1 MB  this helps video on the pc display much faster with little drop frame or none at all providing you have a good video card.

image a wine bottle your processor is the fat end of the bottle and the bus is the skinny end of the bottle. Obviously your bus end is creating a bottle necker and not as much can flow this is the same as your pc.  

Hope this has helped
lorynthiaAuthor Commented:
basically my pc, a 400mhz, does research work and runs an application program non stop, meaning 24-7; it is not like using word or excel; here the cpu is always 100% used; (of course except when the program stops, and or when i do other stuff on it); the last batch that i launched run 60 hours uninterrupted.

i have 2 more pcs, a 600mhz and a 1200 mhz; but i need more cpu, as i do very intensive calculation algorithms;

i dont want to buy a new pc yet (1,4ghz amd for 1 or 2000 dollars); i thought there is maybe another way to add cpu to my lan, instead of paying full price and buying new pc.
It really depends on your motherboard. Unless it has two slots for a cpu will only take one CPU. I am not sure what motherboard you need depends on if you have an athlon or duron processor. You may want to try looking at this URL


Does your application support SMP???

here is an exerpt for the above URL discussion You will also begin to see many software companies making software that will support SMP (Symmetric-Multi-Processing) for NON-GRAPHIC applications such as games, Quake 3 Arena already supports SMP.

The Best thing about Dual Processing is that you can do multi-tasking without waiting around for the earlier tasks to finish.

If you are going to run duals you will need extreme cooling of the system. Overheating could be an issue here

Check out this main site http://www.sysopt.com

as far as I have seen you cannot have mismatched processor speeds and it will costly and hard to find one that allows two processor from the looks of it.

I would suggest looking at the first URL I posted it explains in depth the use of two processors and which works better which may give you a better answer to your question.
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