Total lockup in Hotmail.

I have recently been experiencing a problem with MSN Hotmail. Everytime I go into hotmail to check or send email my computer totally locks up. Since it first happened I have formatted the HD and reinstalled fresh and have run all updates. I still get lock ups in hotmail. My problem seems to have started when MSN Hotmail changed to their "new look". I am wondering if anyone else has had these problems or perhaps knows how to fix it.

My specs if needed:
MB = MSI KT7 Turbo VIA133
CPU = 900Mhz AMD Ath @ 1Ghz (have been running 3 months without problems)
RAM = 512MB PC133 Micron
HD = Maxtor 20GB 7200 ATA100
VD = ASUS G-force2 MX-400 Pro 32MB
OS = Win ME
IE = 5.5 SP1 (all updates installed)
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kahleanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i do not experience lock up like you are experiencing, but i dont feel the speed in loading up the page is extremely slow. Sometimes it will freeze for a couple of seconds before everything appear normally. Well i guess this the feature in hotmail makes everything slow. Intense graphic, etc.....

FIY, sometimes when i was using the msn messenger, this program will freeze. Owing to this, the hotmail page will takes forever to load. I think it is trying to reestablish messenger again here. Word of advice is try not to use messenger

I was impressed with your PC specs (MSI make fantastic M/B's) until I saw the hard drive and OS.  Oh well, never mind.

If you are experiencing a lock up with only one site, especially after they have made a big change, it is more likely to be the server then your computer.  However, if others are not experiencing the same problem then that does make it strange.  With a site like Hotmail you should be able to write to them and express your hassles.  They may or may not be able (willing) to help.  Contacting there support is done at (at least that's the link I followed)
Asta CuCommented:
I had the same problems after upgrading browser and using an older version of MSN Messenger.  After upgrading, the problem was resolved, as kahlean had noted (this adds to that information by prior expert).  Here's the link I used to update.

Here's a synopsis and link that helped us:


If you have both AOL and another dial-up networking connection set up, MSN Messenger Service may attempt to use the non-AOL dial-up connection even when you are already connected to AOL. In that case, simply cancel the dialog box for the second dial-up connection, and MSN Messenger Service will connect to the Internet using your AOL dial-up connection.
Some older versions of MSN Messenger Service did not log your use of Messenger as activity on the Hotmail account you signed in with. If your account had no logged activity for 60 days or within the first 10 days after registering, Hotmail places your account on Inactive status. If this is the case, you have some options: You can get a Passport at (recommended if you never use Hotmail as your primary e-mail service), try to create a Hotmail account using your old account name (Hotmail cannot reactivate Inactive accounts, but may allow you to open a new account using the same name, depending on the name's availability), OR open a new Hotmail account with a different name entirely.
System crash

If you downloaded MSN Messenger Service version 3.0 and experience a system crash when you attempt to start it, you may be encountering a known problem that was fixed in a later version of Messenger (version 3.0.0286 or later). To find out what version of Messenger you are using, click Help on the toolbar in MSN Messenger, and then click About MSN Messenger Service.
To download the latest version of MSN Messenger, click here.


If you are on a local area network behind a firewall (for example, on a corporate network), you may not be able to make a phone call from your computer or send a file to someone outside the firewall.

If you disable your MSN Mobile account from the MSN Mobile User & Device Information page by clicking the Disable account check box and then return to MSN Messenger Service, your MSN Mobile account will appear to still be enabled. If you sign out of MSN Messenger Service and sign back in, your MSN Mobile account will now appear as disabled.
Some mobile devices may not be able to display messages that contain international characters. Contact your mobile service provider for more information.

In the Audio Tuning wizard, if you choose "Game Compatible Device" on the "Select devices for calling" screen and then click Next, you will get an error message that indicates that the audio device you are trying to use is half-duplex. This is probably not the case; instead, select another device.
File Transfer

If you use Internet connection sharing, you will not be able to send files using MSN Messenger Service. You will be able to receive them, but not send them.
Adding contacts

People who recently signed up for a Hotmail MSN Messenger Service account may not be found in a search for their first and last names until a few days after their accounts are created.
Instant messaging and notifications

Some URLs appear to be active hyperlinks while you type them, but become inactive once they are sent. To send an active URL, type the entire address, including the "http" part, for example, "". URLS that begin "file://" are not accepted as hyperlinks in the instant message window.
Browsers and operating systems

If you have Windows 95 and Netscape Navigator v. 4.0 on your computer with no version of Internet Explorer installed, hyperlinks in invitations will be displayed as text and cannot be clicked. To accept or decline invitations under these conditions, use the keyboard shortcuts specified in the invitation.
If you have Windows 2000 and have a Dial Up Networking connection configured but not active, MSN Messenger Service will not launch your dial-up connection to the Internet when you sign in.
In order for you to access your Hotmail e-mail, you need to enable scripting support in your browser. In Microsoft? Internet Explorer, you can do this on the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog box; in Netscape Navigator, you can enable scripting support in the Preferences dialog box of version 4.0.
If you have a computer that does not have Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later installed, you will not be able to set the interval before "Away" appears next to your name from within MSN Messenger Service. You can only change the Away setting by changing the Wait interval for your screen saver in the Windows Display Properties dialog box and not by entering a number in the MSN Messenger Service Options dialog box for Show me as "Away" when I'm inactive for ___ minutes.

Starting a teleconference with NetMeeting? requires Microsoft NetMeeting 2.1 or later; it's available here.
To successfully invite someone to an online meeting or to play a game, both parties should have the same version of those applications on their computers. For example, if you have NetMeeting v. 2.1 and invite Joe to an online meeting, then Joe must also have v. 2.1 of NetMeeting.

Good luck,
":0)  Asta
protechterAuthor Commented:
I am giving points to kahlean as he/she was first to answer this question. Although I found my problem to be a result of 2 additional 80mm cooling fans I had installed...too much for my power supply to handle.
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