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I have a question about using Public folders in Outlook 2000 on a Win NT Server (with MS Exchange server) network with client Win 9x pc's. Bog standard network setup really, if there is such a thing!
I am trying to set up a Contacts folder in Public Folders (directly under the All Public Folders directory) to store client info & then track Activities with each contact in those records. There will be about 5 different people all accessing & adding info to this from different computers & different logins. But when I try to enter a new activity with a Contact in that public folder, it doesn't show up in the Activities tab of that persons record. Rather, it shows up in my own Mailbox in the Jounal Folder (as opposed to the public Contacts folder).
For instance, here is a typical procedure: -
Go to Public Folders
Go to Lam's Contacts folder
Create new contact (this adds contact to Simon's Contacts in public folders)
Open up new contact
Click on Actions menu & New Journal Entry With Contact.
Add details of cactivity & click on Save & Close
It doesn't add it to list in Activities tab
Come out of Public Folders & go to my own Mailbox Journal folder
There it is under that timeline in it's appropriate category.
So - why does the activity not attach itself to the Activities tab of the Contact in the public folder where it was created? I have also set up a Public Journal folder called Lam's Journal, thinking that maybe it needed a separate Journal to put these journal entries in, but I think I must be on the wrong track there, unless there is a way of linking the twoi folders, so that when an Activity is added it always goes to the public Lam's Journal folder. Once it is in here, then I see it in the Activities tab of the contact in Lam's contacts.
I want to try & sort this out myself rather than going to our techies - you know - ego & all that!!! It is a stable system. I don't have any problems with Outlook, so I don't think the installation or the programme is at fault. Any ideas??? I'm flummoxed & it's doing my head in!!
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Don ThomsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to share the Journal Folder on the PC that the Public folder Contacts is Shared. Make sure that the Journal on each of the PCs is not tracking the Word/Excel  etc

After you have created an activity on a PC - Go to you Journal and move the entries to the Shared Journal. If you play with the Views to keep them together it will be easier. We have several systems set up this way and 2 or three times a day, the users MOVE their Journal Entries over to the Public Folder.  I Works and Yes it's not elegant.
Don't feel bad.  Its a known problem.  See

There are a couple of workarounds on that page as well...none of them extremely elegant, but they will work.  
Lamc, you have had some time to try the solutions posted. Did any of them solve your problem? If so, please accept that experts comment as the answer. If not, post more information and the experts will be notified and provide more assistance.

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