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Java tree object

I'm after a class that will allow me to add objects in a tree form.  A bit like TreeMap but with tree walking/traversing methods.


Tree mytree = new Tree();
mytree.addRoot( rootObj );
mytree.putChild( obj1, rootObj );
mytree.putChild( obj2, rootObj );
mytree.putChild( obj3, obj1 );

Collection children = mytree.getChildren( obj1 );
//returns a collection containing just obj3

Iterator i = mytree.getTree( rootObj ).iterator();
while( i.hasNext() )
  i.next() //=next in a tree walk
  //in this example gives the order as
  //rootObj, obj1, obj3, obj2

I'm just trying a DOM tree but it seems abit long winded for such a simple thing.

Thanks for your help,
1 Solution
i dont understand what u are asking here if you can be more specific please so ican help you.

Use a DefaultTreeModel.
i dont understand what u are asking here if you can be more specific please so ican help you.

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Thank you everyone.
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timsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help.

I eventually wrote a tree implementation using collections since the j2ee server i was using would not shut down properly if I used awt or swing classes.
Thank you, tims, for adding the solution you found.  I have refunded 200 points to you for this question and closed it by moving it to our PAQ at zero points to help others.
Moondancer - EE Moderator
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