Groupwise Server with 100% cpu utilization

We have a Groupwise 5.5 system setup on our network.  We have two Post offices and one of the servers where one of the post offices is loaded is constantly at 100% cpu utilization.  Our other PO is right around 7%.  Both are pretty steady at those rates.  Users on the trouble Post office are able to log in sometimes, but it takes a considerable amout of time to log in.  If we restart the server, the cpu utilization will return to a lower number, users can log in smoothly, and then the cpu utilization steadily climbs back up.  We also have a separate server that is running the web access agent, MTA, and GWIA.  All of the servers have 768mb ram.  Here's what we've tried so far:

-Top down rebuild
-Deleted and recreated the NGWGUARD.RFL
-Restarted all servers numerous times
-checked and replaced ngwguard.dc from software
-Called Novell technical support (they told us to do the top down rebuild)

Any recommendations on what to check for next to get the CPU utilization back down?  
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Do a purge on the volume that holds the Groupwisedatabases.
Is NDS healthy on the server?
jcollins1Author Commented:
Already tried purging.  There is plenty of space.  I've run a dsrepair also.  Still no luck.

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What type of NIC card are you using? Switches? Hubs?
Check you QuickFinder Indexing parameters - perhaps QuickFinder is updating it's indexes during the day?
Some additional questions:

Have you checked what process is consuming CPU?
Does both servers has equal hardware?
What NIC does this server has?
What OS version are you running?
Is OS patched?
Check the profile - poster has 8 open questions - some left hanging from summer 2000. . .
jcollins1, would you care to complete your old questions before opening new ones?  If I have to do it for you, you may not like the results.

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Ps. I would like to see this being done today.
Thank you for coming back and answering.

Though I will change the grade, this thin defaluts to a B.

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Thank you ComTech, and also you jcollins1.

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