question about FIFO

  what FIFO means in Linux world,what's the function of i
t,and,when should i use "mkfifo" command to deal with stuf
fs about FIFO ??----this is a question of concept.thanks
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In the above context, yes - it would be used by developers. However, as far as I understand, fifos are used in writing device drivers in the context of buffers. For example, modem buffers. As such, you may well come across fifos in the networking arena.

A fifo (first-in first-out) in this context is a named pipe. An example of an unnamed pipe would the '|' character if you did 'rpm -qa | grep ^gnome '.

With a named pipe you do something like

mkfifo testpipe           (create)
echo 1 > testpipe &       (send some data)
cat testpipe              (read from pipe)    
rm testpipe               (remove pipe)

wingboadAuthor Commented:
ok,but who will use this FIFO,i am a network administrator,
maybe only developer will use this to exchange data from di
fferent processure,right?
wingboadAuthor Commented:
ok,thanks a lot
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