Number Search in combo box of vsflexgrid.


I am creating one accounting application.
In the application i have purchase screen wherein user can purchase number of product in an order.
To show Products in purchase order i have used vsflexgrid.
In vsflexgrid user can add/modify the products.

Now i have one problem,
I am having combo box in first columns of vsflexgrid, combo box shows all the product number available in database.
Let us say i have product numbers like 1,10,11,2,23,50,100, etc.
Combox box in vsflexgrid shows all these product number.

When typing in the grid, autofill works when I type a 1 it brings up
Product 1 and when I type a 5 it brings up item 50 but when I type 10 it doesn't bring up anything.

What i need is if user type 10 then the combo box of the grid should show number 10, etc.

Any help in this regards will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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KDivadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Forgot a part:

X = Len(Combo1.Text)
If SkipChange Then Exit Sub
For I = 0 To Combo1.ListCount - 1
In the Form's Gen. Dec. section, add:

Private SkipChange As Boolean

In the combobox's change event, compare what the user has typed:

Dim I As Long
Dim X As Long
X = Len(Combo1.Text)
For I = 0 To Combo1.ListCount - 1
    If Left$(Combo1.List(I), X) = Combo1.Text Then
        Combo1.Text = Combo1.List(I)
        Combo1.SeLStart = X
        Combo1.SelLength = Len(Combo1.Text)
        Exit For
    End If

And in the KeyDown event:

If KeyCode = vbKeyBack Then SkipChange = True

This is the same basic idea I use for an auto-complete combobox.
One more time:

X = Len(Combo1.Text)
If SkipChange Then
    SkipCahnge = False
    Exit Sub
End If
For I = 0 To Combo1.ListCount - 1
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You've got to be getting tired of this. <sigh>

SkipCahnge = False

should be:

SkipChange = True
Do you have the ComboSearch property set to flexCmbSearchAll ? I think that if you choose one of the other settings it affects the way the searching works.
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