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Posted on 2001-08-02
Last Modified: 2013-11-10
I have a Hp pavilion4483, Intel Celeron  .433 MHz.  . I had 96mb sdram that came with it from the store, only 2 168 pin dimms on it. I think a stick of 64mb and one of 32mb. I bought a stick of 128mb sdram pc133, and took out both old rams and put 128 in the top slot and the 64mb stick back in the bottom slot. Im wondering if its wise to have 128 in one slot and 64 in the other on my pc? The hp web site for pavilion says my 64mb sdram is 66mhz, but this new 128 is a higher mhz. My system recognizes that i now have 192mb sdram. also, will my system use all the ram  or is it recognizing it without actually  using all of it?  Below are some specs from hp site for my system. Thanks in advance. Chris
Base processor and speed
Intel Celeron 433 MHz Processor


RAM (standard):
 96 MB (SDRAM)
 256 MB (2 x 128 MB)
 66 MHz synchronous
 2 - 168 pin DIMMs
 16, 32, 64, or 128 MB DIMMs
Pairs Required?
Type Supported:
 SDRAM, 66 MHz, Intel PC SDRAM unbuffered DIMM specification,
revision 1.0 compliant

Level 1 (Primary):
 32 KB (on processor)
Upgrade Sockets:
Level 2:
 128 KB (on motherboard)

Hard drive
6.4 GB (3.5-inch form factor)

CD-ROM drive
 32x maximum speed
Access Speed:
 75 ms
Transfer Rate:
 2.4-4.8 MB/sec
Bios: Falcon2 software build ID 2.15.15
OS  Windows 98
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Accepted Solution

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Yes, once the CMOS recognized the amount of Memory that your machine has, it communicates with the Operating system to allow the latter to make use of all its resources. Though the speed of the additional memory chip(PC-133)will not be utilized as 133 but rather only system bus clock speed supported by the Microprocessor(Intel Celeron)which is 66 Mhz. As long as your system works fine and doesn't "hangs" then you don't seem to have any problem.

Expert Comment

ID: 6343902
it your system is coping fine with the new ram, then it is fine, but your pc133 128 MB ram is not perfroming at its peak. Supposingly that it can run up to 133 MHz, but due to the bootleneck in your mobo that can go up to 66 MHZ, it is actually running lower than 133 MHZ.


Expert Comment

ID: 6343906
it your system is coping fine with the new ram, then it is fine, but your pc133 128 MB ram is not perfroming at its peak. Supposingly that it can run up to 133 MHz, but due to the bootleneck in your mobo that can go up to 66 MHZ, it is actually running lower than 133 MHZ.

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by:Don Thomson
ID: 6345052
The PC-133 SDRAM  will run UP TO that speed but your other system component will restrict it's actual speed to 66mhz. Like running a Formula 1 race car at 60 MPH rather than 120 MPH  - A lot less wear and tear
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ID: 6345680
"Pairs Required?

This entry is the key.  While HP assumes you know what it means, they are talking about whether you can mix different sizes or memory sticks.  If the answer here was 'yes' then the computer would only be able to take, say, two 128MB sticks.

Since the answer is 'no' to pairs required, the system is perfectly capable of correctly using any combination of memory sizes up to its maximum supported size of 128MB per stick.

Author Comment

ID: 6346345
Thanks  for the info, was hoping this liitle machine would be ok with the new ram, but one can never tell.

Im trying to get this pavilion to at least keep up to par as long as possible. Im sure ill be back soon.

Thanks Again.

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