solaris beginner

1) which websites offer the best tutorial and guide to solaris ..also give me a good mailing list address for solaris

2) I am using SunOS netra 5.8 Generic_108528-06 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2

so in terms of nomenclature  is it solaris 8 or solaris 9 ? how do I associate ?

3)is there a text only browser available for solaris ? something like lynx
christopher sagayamAsked:
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gmancusoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Chris

There's a couple of things to consider here...  I think linux uses bash by default, which does tab completion, and command history the way you describe.  bash doesn't come default on solaris, but you can get it in package form from  (Make sure to select Solaris 8/Sparc architecture before you download) BTW, is a great site for getting system utilities without having to compile your own.

After you download the package, install it (as root) using pkgadd(1M), and then change your default shell with usermod(1M)

Here's a _sample_ to give you an idea of the way it would go.  This assumes you've already downloaded and untar/gzipped the package file into the current directory, and your username is 'userme':

pkgadd -d.            
                                             (select the package you want to install,
                                              bash-2.05-sol8-sparc-local, and answer
                                              the questions it asks.. usually is ok to accept the
                                              defaults.  It will install bash as  /usr/local/bin/bash)
usermod -s /usr/local/bin/bash userme
                                               (at this point if you log in as userme, bash should
                                                be your default shell, and you can probably use the
                                                same, or similar, .bashrc and .profile files that you
                                                have on your linux system)

Hope that helps!
1) "best tutorial" could only be a very subjectiv answer, here just one:
2) SunOS 5.8 aka Solaris 8
3) lynx (wget also) at
christopher sagayamAuthor Commented:
another 25 points

also when I telnet to  linux I can use my arrow keys up , down for navigating among previous commands and left right for editing command but when I use them in solaris I get some junk characters like ^[A^[[B^[[D^[[C

why ? how to solve this ..

that's it
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a couple of reasons :-( you need to check a lot of things like shell, terminal type, used termcap (or termlib), native session or telnet/rlogin, window (like xterm).

Usually Solaris does not support it by default, heaven knows why.
Simplest solution is to use tcsh instead of csh (which is the Solaris default).
christopher sagayamAuthor Commented:
sorry do i use tcsh instead of csh ?
> how do i use tcsh instead of csh ?
after installing tcsh, just type
Isn't it simple?
(for installation see gmancuso's comment about installing bash)

gmancuso, this is Solaris, not Linux.
Even bash isn't that bad :) tcsh is probably the best replacement for csh, 'cause a csh-user won't see/feel any difference 'til (s)he reads the man-page and gets used to the tcsh features :-))

(IMHO,use tcsh, and you never miss to bash for interactive usage)
ahoffmann, I mentioned linux because chris18 was looking for the behavior exhibited by the linux machines he telnets to (read the second comment).  Again, most linux distros use bash for a shell as the default.  Couple that with the behavior he's desiring, and bash is probably what the linux box he was telnetting to is using.  The simplest solution, then is to use the same shell on both machines.  That way commands that work on one will work _the same way_ on the other.  I've played the "Oh this machine has csh, this one only has sh" game too many times to recommend it to anybody else :)

I'm not going go to get into the "shell wars" here.. suffice it to say it's a _very_ personal preference, and if you
ask 30 people what shell to use, you'll get 20 different answers, and 35 different reasons for those answers.  

My advice is to decide which shell you like the best, and install it... sunfreeware probably has it in package form.

gmancuso, I agree.
and give you at least 5 more reasons for that shell :-))
You have all !!!

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