Merge two xml documents

  I have two xml documents stored as OracleXMLDocGenString objects doc1 & doc2, each of them generated through the qry.getXML() method. Now i want to merge the two documents into a third OracleXMLDocGenString Object doc.

I tried the method docAppend in OracleXMLDocGenString
but this appends a null to my document doc instead of the xml.

The doc1.getXMLDocumentString() & doc2.getXMLDocumentString() returns the whole 347 records i have in my xml document and so i am sure the objects doc1 and doc2 are properly created.

Can anyone tell me how i can merge the two documents into one.

Thank you
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BigRatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Oh dear! How complicated.

Well I'm not "au fait" with Oracle APIs but if the documents are not too big I would be tempted to convert them into strings, use a bit of script to put them together with a new <root> and stick the resultant document back into a DOM.
I suspect that the API definition of docAppend() takes a node list or an XML string and not a "document". I tried to find an API specification for the call on the Oracle site but they restrict passwords to 6-16 characters and Rat's don't like that!

So I would suggest you either try to post the API and/or try something along the lines :-


sureshabbAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the research. The API was defined for the parent class OracleXMLDocGen.
So i had to redefine the doc, doc1 and doc2 as OracleXMLDocGen instead of OracleXMLDocGenString and then populate them with the qry.getXML()
A Method newDocGenDoc helped me create a child node to be appended to the parent doc.

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