Posted on 2001-08-03
Last Modified: 2010-04-06

what is the number limitation of incremental field in Paradox ?

How many record can be store on one Table (Paradox) ?, what is the amount of records where things can start be difficult ?

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AutoInc is a 32 bit Integer, so that it is 2 Gega limit, (I don't think that there is a database in the world contains 2 gega records)

I use paradox for 5 Million records and it works fine, except that I have a long delay on retreiving Query select statements results.

Befor creating your table make sure to increase the block size of BDE in the machine that your want to create your Paradox table in to 32 K: Control Panel BDE Admin, Native Drivers, Paradox, block size = 32

This is some limitations in BDE, DBase and Paradox from Borland site:


Technical Information Database

TI159B.txt   Some current internal limits of BDE
Category   :BIN
Platform    :All
Product    :BDE  All


Here are the maximum limits for some common BDE objects. If you find you cannot reach these limits or are getting an out of memory error, increasing your SHAREDMEMSIZE in BDE Config to 4096 or more should allow you to reach these limits.



48     Clients in system

32     Sessions per client (3.5 and earlier, 16 Bit, 32 Bit)

256    Session per client (4.0, 32 Bit)

32     Open databases per session (3.5 and earlier, 16 Bit, 32 Bit)

2048   Open databases per session (4.0, 32 Bit)

32     Loaded drivers

64     Sessions in system (3.5 and earlier, 16 Bit, 32 Bit)

12288  Sessions in system (4.0, 32 Bit)

4000   Cursors per session

16     Entries in error stack

8      Table types per driver

16     Field types per driver

8      Index types per driver

48K    Size of configuration (IDAPI.CFG) file

64K    Size of SQL statement (RequestLive=False)

4K     Size of SQL statement (RequestLive=True)

6K     Size of SQL statement (RequestLive=True) (4.01, 32 Bit)

16K    Record buffer size (SQL or ODBC)

31     Table and field name size in characters

64     Stored procedure name size in characters

16     Fields in a key

3      File extension size in characters

260    Table name length in characters

            (some servers might have other limits)

260    Path and file name length in characters



127    Tables open per system (4.0 and earlier, 16 Bit, 32 Bit)

254    Tables open per system (4.01, 32 Bit)

64     Record locks on one table (16Bit) per session

255    Record locks on one table (32Bit) per session

255    Records in transactions on a table (32 Bit)

512    Open physical files (4.0 and earlier, 16 Bit, 32 Bit)

           (DB, PX, MB, X??, Y??, VAL, TV)

1024   Open physical files (4.01, 32 Bit)

           (DB, PX, MB, X??, Y??, VAL, TV)

300    Users in one PDOXUSRS.NET file

255    Number of fields per table

255    Size of character fields

2      Billion records in a table

2      Billion bytes in .DB (Table) file

10800  Bytes per record for indexed tables

32750  Bytes per record for non-indexed tables

127    Number of secondary indexes per table

16     Number of fields in an index

255    Concurrent users per table

256    Megabytes of data per BLOb field

100    Passwords per session

15     Password length

63     Passwords per table

159    Fields with validity checks (32 Bit)

63     Fields with validity checks (16 Bit)



256    Open dBASE tables per system (16 Bit)

350    Open dBASE tables per system (BDE 3.0 - 4.0, 32 Bit)

512    Open dBASE tables per system (BDE 4.01, 32 Bit)

100    Record locks on one dBASE table  (16 and 32 Bit)

100    Records in transactions on a dBASE table (32 Bit)

1      Billion records in a table

2      Billion bytes in .DBF (Table) file

4000   Size in bytes per record (dBASE 4)

32767  Size in bytes per record (dBASE for Windows)

255    Number of fields per table (dBASE 4)

1024   Number of fields per table (dBASE for Windows)

47     Number of index tags per .MDX file

254    Size of character fields

10     Open master indexes (.MDX) per table

220    Key expression length in characters



7/15/98 3:24:20 PM


Motaz Abdel Azeem

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what is a Client ? Application or Computer ?

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Client in Paradox is per connection. So one machine with two apps using seperate connections would basically be two clients.

The question you need to address though, is do you really want to use Paradox? I've done a good deal of work with Paradox, and have seen its' good points as well as its' bad. If you have a small system (under 5 clients), with no security issues and little concern for record locking, and also do not require complicated indices, Paradox is a good choice. If you require some of these things on a small system, you are probably better off going to Access tables. If you are looking to run a larger system with 10+ users, then you might want to look seriously at a true SQL DB like MySQL, or Interbase.

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the problem with

MySQL, or Interbase

is that there licence policy isn't very clear to me.

when do i need to pay and how much ?

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