CommonDialog issue

Can anyone tell me if there was a specific problem with the CommonDialog control causing applications to crash when selecting a file to open prior to the introduction of the service packs 1 to 5.

Appropriate URLs appreciated.
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Do you mean like this?

with commondialog1
   .dialogtitle="some title"
end with

If that's what you mean, I'll look in to it, hold on

Microsoft is silent as to the Commondialog Control causing application crashes when setting filename prior to opening.

Look bellow for a list of fixes with each service pack:

Service Pack 1 -- Summary of Issues

Visual Basic
The service pack addresses issues with dbgrid32.ocx, msrdc20.ocx, and msrdo20.dll related to data-binding and other issues. Also included are fixes for the incompatibility issues with comctl32.ocx. There is an update to the VB5 Setup Kit and some of the .cab files for the ActiveX component download. These .cab files are not installed by the Visual Studio Service Pack installation program but are included on the Service Pack CD.

Service Pack 2 Updates and Bug Fixes
General Bug Fixes: Fixes a bug preventing the download of samples with certain versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. It also fixes a search results-related performance problem in which Developer Studio sometimes uses 100 percent of idle time.

Visual Basic: Addresses problems with the development environment, the Printer object, the Internet Transfer control, and many of the other controls and libraries that ship with Visual Basic 5.0. This Service Pack also contains support for creating apartment-model, thread-safe ActiveX Controls and DLLs for use in IE 4.0, ActiveX DLLs and executables that show forms on multiple threads, and multithreaded components that use the UserConnection designer.

Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 3 - Summary of Bug Fixes

Visual Basic
Addresses compatibility issues with the Internet Transfer, Data Bound Grid, Data Bound List, and Data Bound Combo controls. The Service Pack also fixes a problem where Visual Basic compiles incorrect type information.

Hope this answers your question.  If you have an example code that we can check to see if our systems crash when run, please provide it and we'll be more than happy to look into it


Service Pack 4 addresses and corrects several issues in Microsoft? Visual Basic? 6.0. The Service Pack solves problems with Visual Basic Controls, and the Package and Deployment Wizard. Service Pack 4 also corrects several of the miscellaneous problems that cause page fault, data errors, and excessive resource usage in the Visual Basic environment.

Q168824: Setting the Text property in the Click event of a ComboBox control causes the text field to be blank.
Q257516: Buttons removed from a ToolBar control no longer appear in the Customize dialog.
Q257530: Changing the order of buttons in a ToolBar control causes duplicate images.
Q257792: NodeClick events in a TreeView control are triggered even though the CausesValidation and HideSelection properties are True and another control losing focus returns "Cancel = True" from its Validate event.
Q232194: The OpenURL method of the Internet Transfer Control truncates downloaded files.
Q224181: Setting the Checkboxes property to True in the ListView and TreeView controls causes excessive resource usage.
Q245159: Using the SendData method of multiple Winsock controls may block all but the most recently established connection and may cause loss of data.
Q257630: Calling the End statement in the Unload event of a form containing a Coolbar control caused an "Invalid Page Fault".
Q199722: Setting the ControlSource property of the RichText control in Access results in a "Property cannot be set" message when entering preview mode.
Q239943: Negotiated menus in UserControls caused excessive resource usage.
Q257686: Calling the Unload method in the DoubleClick event of a ListBox control caused an "Invalid Page Fault."
Q257692: The IMEMode property of the TextBox and ComboBox controls caused excessive resource usage in compiled applications on the Japanese version of Windows 98.
Q257710: The PointSelected event of the Chart control returned an incorrect DataPoint.
In the KeyDown event of a PictureBox control sited on a UserControl, no KeyCode was returned for the HOME, END, PAGE UP, and PAGE DOWN keys.
Q257661: Double-clicking a modal form shown from as SSTab control caused a MouseDown event to be fired on the SSTab control.
Attempting to enter text into a ListView control with IME set to a double-byte input option can cause an "Invalid Page Fault." This occurs with Japanese Visual Basic on Japanese Windows 98.
Q182068: A ListView control can't read the SubItemIndex property of a ListView control in a Visual Basic 4 executable file.
Q257780: The Data control reported an "unrecognized DB format" error when attempting to bind to an Access 2000 database.
Q246233: Selecting the DataSource property of a TextBox control on a nested UserControl could cause an "Invalid Page Fault."
Q240946: The ListView control failed to recognize mouse events when the MultiSelect property was set to True.
Q257784: Cells in a DataGrid control containing double-byte characters could not be accessed using ARROW keys on Japanese systems.
Q257788: Navigating through a DataGrid control by clicking on rows doesn't submit updates.
Q257741: The Validate event of an intrinsic control sited on a UserControl causes an Access Violation in Italian Visual Basic.
Q257495: ListView controls generate the ItemClick event twice when the LabelEdit property is set to Manual. Creating and populating a control array of ListView controls could cause an "Invalid Page Fault."
Q257635: The wrong row had focus in a DataGrid control after repeatedly canceling the addition of new records.
Q248416: Clicking on a node of a TreeView control with the SingleSel property set to True caused the wrong node to expand.
Q212733: The contents of a RichText control couldn't be viewed in a report.
A TextBox bound to a RDC control failed to update when the CursorDriver property was set to UseClientBatch.
Updates to a DataGrid control could fail when using a Jet 4.0 OLEDB provider.
Calling unload from a CheckBox control could cause a General Protection Fault in Visual Basic on Windows 98.
Q257523: Displaying a Windows Metafile (.wmf) in a PictureBox could cause excessive resource usage.
Q251225: The EditMode property of an ADO Recordset was not set properly when bound to a DataCombo control.
Changing the RowSource property on a DataCombo or DataSource control caused an incorrect reference in the BoundColumn property.
Unloading a DBGrid control from a control array caused a General Protection Fault on NT 4.
The FieldChangeComplete event failed to fire for a TextBox contained in a UserControl.
Repeatedly loading and unloading a WinSock control at causes a memory leak. This has been fixed when running in the IDE, but not at run-time.
The current row in a DataGrid control changed each time a DataAdapter was re-bound to an OLE Simple Provider DataSource.
Changing the Name of a control in the Properties window could cause an "Invalid Page Fault" in Visual Basic under certain circumstances.
The size of a DateTimePicker control changes between design time and run time when placed on an Outlook form.
Winsock control stops responding when receiving UDP packets with a 0-byte length.
Setting the DataSource property of an ADOData control programmatically cause excessive resource usage.
The RichText control failed to instantiate on a Web page when Internet Explorer is installed after Visual Basic 6 is installed.
Repeatedly loading and unloading a form containing a Hierarchical FlexGrid control caused excessive resource usage.
Using a comma as a decimal separator caused an incorrect value in the DataGrid control in Danish Visual Basic.
Setting the PalletteMode property to UseZOrder on a form containing a Hierarchical FlexGrid control caused an "Invalid Page Fault."
Setting properties of a TextBox control in the Initialize event of a UserControl caused data binding to fail.

Package and Deployment Wizard Issues
The following Package and Deployment Wizard issues have been fixed:

190493: Nested CAB file that refers to files in other CABs results in Locate File dialog box.
Q221604: When distributing an Internet Explorer 5 & Page Designer Application with the Package and Deployment Wizard, a warning indicating "There is no dependency information for MSHTML.tlb" was displayed.
Q224185: UserControls that contained a User Defined Type array as a parameter failed to register during deployment.
A necessary registration file for Oleaut32.dll wasn't included for packages installed on Traditional Chinese Windows, resulting in incorrect date/time functions.
Packages created on a Windows 2000 system caused an endless reboot when installed on other operating systems.
Missing CLSID in packages generated from ActiveX Document .Exe project.
Deploying applications created in German, French, Italian, or Spanish versions of Visual Basic caused a Type Mismatch error when installing to a U.S. English machine.
Adding code to log files copied during a reboot caused Setup to terminate abnormally.
Setup packages that contained more than 64 files in a single .Cab file could cause an infinite reboot cycle.
The CAB file for the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Library failed to download.
Setup packages could cause an infinite reboot loop when attempting to update bootstrap files.
Miscellaneous Fixes
The following miscellaneous issues have been fixed:

Q242483: The Printform method ignores the Printer.Orientation property when the current printer is set to Portrait.
Q183979: Nested UserControls fail to print in Internet Explorer.
Q257543: Displaying a modal form in the Validate event of a control or UserControl caused the MouseDown event to fire for the control with focus on the modal form. This could be avoided by setting Cancel = True in the Validate event.
Q257621: Displaying a modal form from an ActiveX .Exe for extended periods of time caused excessive resource usage.
Q249607: User Controls created in Visual Basic 6 didn't print in Excel 97.
Q257657: Updates for text columns in a SQL Server database failed when using RDO and ODBC CursorDriver.
Q257641: The listbox for the DataSource property was slow to load in projects that contained a large number of forms.
Q234317: HTML Page Truncated with Visual Studio SP3 WebClass Run Time when Running in the VB IDE.
Q234771: Disabling SessionState on a Web server caused WebClasses to fail to load.
Q257695: Reordering commands in the DataEnvironment could cause an "Invalid Page Fault."
Q238672: Mouse events on the title bar of a form failed to fire when a UserControl was added to the form.
Q237175: ATL .Dll files created in Visual C++ failed to register properly when added to a Visual Basic project.
Q257660: Setting the Printer object to Nothing could cause an "Invalid Page Fault."
Q257664: Creating an object on a new thread in a .Dll from a standard .Exe disables the ability to show modal dialog boxes on all threads.
Registering a Visual Basic 6 COM component in Microsoft Transaction Server that references another non-MTS Visual Basic 6 GlobalMultiUse COM component causes an access violation.
Q257777: Setting the Height property of the Printer object causes excess paper to be ejected on some dot-matrix printers.
Closing multiple MDI child forms in rapid succession can cause an "Invalid Page Fault."
Q253555: Exporting a report from the Report Writer to HTML causes a "Report width is larger than paper width" error when the orientation property is set to Landscape.
Q257779: When printing a DataReport with the Orientation set to Landscape, the Print dialog box always defaulted to Portrait.
Q257783: Using a line number in code following a function that returns a Double data type causes an Access Violation when attempting to compile an executable file.
Q246919: Setting the DataSource property of a UserControl in the ActiveX Control Interface Wizard without first adding a reference to the DataSource object caused an "Invalid Page Fault."
Closing an Internet Explorer window after viewing a DHTML page caused an Access Violation in Internet Explorer 5.
Q257786: Showing a DataReport after displaying a modal form can cause an Access Violation.
Q257787: A UserControl containing a reference to an ADOData control on another UserControl causes an "Invalid Page Fault" when exiting a program.
Q257790: Validation of data still occurs when calling the CancelUpdate method of an ADO Recordset.
An RDO UserConnection in an ActiveX .Dll can cause excessive resource usage.
Q248418: WebClass projects couldn't be run on Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
Q257531: When using late binding and the Currency data type with large values, incorrect results were returned.
Q257730: The PrintForm method of a form containing a UserControl caused an "Invalid Page Fault" on Windows 98.
Setting the MaskPicture property of a UserControl with the Backstyle property set to Transparent caused excessive resource usage.
Q257714: The Data Environment and the ADOData control caused a "Type mismatch" error with versions of ADO later than 2.0.
Q257550: An Invalid Page Fault could occur when showing a modal form in a project that contains a Data Report.
Event monitoring stopped when an expression service was started.
Performing a lengthy operation without calling DoEvents caused excessive resource usage.
After performing a BatchUpdate from an rdoResultSet to SQL Server 7.0 the BatchCollisionCount property returned an incorrect result.
Attempting to compile a .dll project containing a reference to Microsoft Repository caused a General Protection Fault.
Loading multiple instances of a multithreaded .dll could cause a General Protection Fault.
Attempting to use ASP to create a .dll in the Visual Basic IDE failed on Windows 2000.
RDO didn't correctly recognize SQL_BIG_INT values in a SQL Server 7.0 database.
Q257421: Compiling a UserControl that contained a MFC control caused a General Protection Fault when exiting Visual Basic.
Q257496: Comparisons of floating point numbers gave incorrect results when using optimized code.
Q257501: An error message was generated when exporting a DataReport to a HTML file.
The VB6 runtime CAB file (vbrun60sp3.exe) couldn't be run in silent mode.
Q257731: A "Rows must be released" error occurred when using ADO and the OLEDB Provider for SQL Server.
Multiple VB6 .dll's in a MTS Library package could cause a General Protection Fault on shutdown of a client application.
Setting a Printer object to Nothing caused an Invalid Page Fault on Windows 9x.
Q257688: The Printer object failed to track the default printer after changing the Orientation property.
Q257691: A dynamically loaded UserControl failed to update a DataSource for bound TextBox controls.
The behavior of the ExitFocus for a UserControl embedded in another UserControl was inconsistent.
Q257712: A "duplicate column name" occurred accessing an Access 97 database through ADO when using a double-byte character set.
"Limited Virtual Memory" Error Message When You Start Your Computer.
Q245124: Access Violation in Remote Automation Manager
Repeatedly loading and unloading from NT services a .Dll created by Visual Basic could cause an "Invalid Page Fault" when RetainInMemory is set to False.
Threads in a Remote Automation server can become deadlocked after abnormal termination of a client.

Inserting a new record into a view that includes a chunk field fails when using RDO with Client-batch cursors.

Windowless UserControls didn't paint properly with multiple UserControls on a form.
Windowless UserControls containing Shape controls didn't paint properly when the BackStyle property was set to Transparent.
Calling the PropertyChanged method of a data-bound UserControl failed to update the underlying data source.
Attempting to compile a project containing a reference to Project 98 caused an "Invalid Page Fault" in Visual Basic 6 with Service Pack 3.
Using a #If conditional compilation constant caused an "Invalid Page Fault" in Visual Basic.
The DataForm Wizard didn't recognize Access 2000 databases using DAO version 3.6.
Values entered in the Page Range fields in the Export dialog box for a DataReport were ignored on Windows 2000. A query containing a Like clause that includes a single underscore wildcard character returns incorrect results when using DBCS Japanese Kana characters.
User-defined types containing fixed strings didn't convert properly from Unicode to ANSI character sets.
The orientation of a DataReport couldn't be set programmatically.
Passing an array of objects to an out-of-process server could cause excessive resource usage. UserControls that display bitmaps could cause excessive usage of GDI resources.
Variant conversion functions on DBCS characters yield different results on Windows 2000.
The date stamp for the file eula.txt was incorrect.
The date stamp for the file redist.txt was incorrect.
The Rename command for a DataLink in the DataEnvironment couldn't be accessed.

to be continued...
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Visual Basic Service Pack 5 Fixes Overview
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 5 addresses and corrects several issues in Microsoft Visual Basic? 6.0. The service pack solves problems with Visual Basic Controls, and with the Package and Deployment Wizard. Service Pack 5 also corrects several of the miscellaneous problems that cause page fault, data errors, and excessive resource usage in the Visual Basic environment.

Visual Basic Service Pack 5 fixes:

Microsoft Agent 2.0
Visual Studio Installer
Installation information
Control issues
Package and Deployment Wizard issues
Miscellaneous issues
Microsoft Agent 2.0
Microsoft Agent, which shipped with Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Basic 6.0, has a new release on the Internet. You can download Agent 2.0 royalty-free from the Microsoft Agent Web site, where you will also find the updated Agent SDK, including documentation, HTML and code samples, and licensing information.

Visual Studio Installer
Microsoft Visual Studio Installer is an add-in for Visual Studio 6.0 that allows you to create Windows Installers (also known as setup programs) for your Visual Basic applications. It can be used to create installers for Microsoft Windows 9x and Microsoft Window NT? 4.0 operating systems, and it is the preferred method for the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system. You can download the latest version of Visual Studio Installer royalty-free from the Microsoft Visual Studio Web site.

Installation Information
Setup updates files that are not versioned, such as text files and nonbinary files, based on the date of each file. If you have previously modified one of these files?and the date/time stamp is more recent than the date/time stamp on the file included with Service Pack 5?Setup will not update the file. One likely file in this category is vb6dep.ini

Control Issues
The following control issues have been fixed:

Repeatedly loading and unloading a WinSock control causes a memory leak.
Placing a ComboBox control on a CoolBar control causes a General Protection Fault.
SSTab causes repaint of entire screen when switching tabs quickly on a minimized form.
Unloading a control in a control array causes an application error when setting a Form to Nothing.
MSDataGrid gives "invalid bookmark" error with server-side cursors when attempting to add a record.
Package and Deployment Wizard Issues
Service Pack 5 does not automatically update Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) to version 2.6. If you install MDAC 2.6 from the CD, you should also update MDAC_TYP.EXE in the VB98\Wizards\PDWizard\Redist directory to ensure that the correct version will be distributed.

Miscellaneous Issues
The following miscellaneous issues have been fixed:

Some menu items are missing from the DataView context menu when linked to a SQL 2000 database.
MTS components now have Unattended Execution and Retain in Memory properties enabled by default.
The T-SQL Debugger add-in Watch window truncates SQL Bigint values.
The T-SQL Debugger add-in doesn't allow stepping into stored procedures containing SQL Bigint parameters.
The T-SQL Debugger add-in returns an incorrect return value.
Printing a form fails with a "Can't print form image to this type of printer" error.
The path to a project file was compiled into an executable.
User controls with transparent BackStyle and fixed single BorderStyle caused excessive memory usage.
Visual Basic auto-updates your ADO references to ADO 2.5.
GetObject() does not return rich error information.
Worldwide product cannot open Access 2000 databases.

to be continued...
This is all info on all service packs available today.  Just performing a seach on this page with the word common will show you no entry in this information that deals with that.

Hope I've provided enough info

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