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Looking for an alternative to Outlook rules

Here I go again asking the same question for the 3rd time!

In a nutshell, I'm fed up with Outlook based rules.  I really get annoyed when they get trashed or simply disappear!  
For instance, a rule was configured to reply with a specific message to the originator. Suddenly, it stopped working today and (from rules wizard) where the message used to be, I now have a location of ....\templates\INBOX000.OFT - this is not what it used to be and this is happening quite often!!

My original query:
I've set up a number of custom rules in Outlook (connected to Exchange Server 5.5) for example - an
email message with a specific keyword in the subject line instructs Exchange to auto-forward to my cell
phone email account. Another example is email from a specific origin is saved to a file or autoforward a return message, etc.
The problem with client based rules - they only work when the Outlook client is running!

Recap of problems:
- sometimes rules get 'jumbled up' by the Outlook client and stop working, forcing me to rebuild them
again (I have about 15 different rules - some Outlook based, some server based).

Is there tool that works with Exchange Server 5.5 which will allow me to configure email rules independent of an Outlook client and for multiple users.  One thought I have is using MIMESWEEPER, I'm going to look into this.

Thank you
S Connelly
S Connelly
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1 Solution
Well, one suggestion would be to create your rules and then export them to a file.  You can export rules and they are saved with a file of the extension rwz.  Then make a backup copy of that file.  You can then replace the current rwz file with the backup if the rules ever get trashed.

Another option would be to use third party add-ons like Outlook Mobile Manager.  That would take care of the forwarding problems, but not the reply with a template.

To make sure that all "rules" were stored on the server, you could setup Exchange event scripts to run on your Inbox.  You can run event scripts when a new item is posted to a folder (such as your inbox) or on a timer event (like every hour).  The limitations there are that your inbox has to be stored on the server (no personal folders) and you have to be able to code the rules you want.  CDO is very helpful for this and some good examples of Exchange Event Scripts can be found at

Hope this helps a bit.  Post back with more questions.
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
rjcpjc: Thank you but really what I want to do is rid myself of Outlook entirely!

In other words, I need something that is 'set up and forget' and ultra reliable; Outlook won't do!  

Outlook and it's rules are too unreliable (sometimes, for some reason, rules don't always process incoming mail correctly).  I have 20 rules configurated and there is a minimum a 1 error per day.

Well, that would point to the Exchange event script.  You do set those up through Outlook, but once they are set up, the scripts run completely on the server.  It doesn't matter what you do with Outlook at that point.
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Thanks everyone.
Moderator @ Experts Exchange
What the plan here?
Hello sconnell

this question is open for more then 2 months
time to clean up
if not stated otherwise

my recom will be
-points to rjcpjc
-this will be finalized by an EE Moderator
-with no further update (15.09.2002)


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S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
I was expecting a solution that is independant of Outlook and/or Exchange Server.

I am currently working with Mimesweeper and it has solved some of my issues.

I haven't explored the extent to which Mimesweeper can replace my rules.  

Using MS Exchange scripting is too much work for the type of rules I require.
Question has been closed as per recommendation

JGould-EE Moderator
S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Was I refunded on this question?

The accepted answerer is not acceptable by me (though his and all others were appreciated!).

The answers here did not meet my specific objectives.

rushed through it ... since 2 earlier attempts to get feedback where ignored ... even when there's no solution given please come back and leave a comment that the comment didn't help

i'll refund your points here but leave the PAQ

JGould-EE Moderator
sconnell, you never replied to rjcpjc's comment on  08/03/2001 11:24PM PST, if there is no activity from the last post from the Question Owner for 21 days or longer, the qeustion will be cosidered abandoned.

At that time, we post a notice of intent to either close, accept, delete or PAQ said questions.  We are cleaning up the site and are just now up to this point in this TA.  We have cleaned over 180,000 abandoned questions it all Topic Areas here at EE.

Moderator Jgould was kind to have refunded your points as it was you who had abandoned the quesiton.  Should you had asked the last question, then YOU would not be the offender.

All the questions above have been abandoned, and have been posted in each question asking you to finalize those questions, and you did not respond.  btw-You cannot have more that three qeustions open without approval from Community Support.

Best regards,

Wes Lennon
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S ConnellyTechnical WriterAuthor Commented:
Wes, please keep in mind that EE had a lot of downtime in the past.  That combined with significant travel provided little time to follow up on questions.

Indirectly, I answered rjcpjc's comment by re-stating I was seeking an independent program outside of Outlook.   Exchange scripts involve significant VB scripting which is not what I had in mind considering the number of 'rules' I need to create and the frequency some of them will change.

Anyhow, In the future, I'll try to be more diligent in keeping up with open EE questions.

Suggestion: How about displaying a POP-UP or some other indicator that a member has open questions when first logging in?
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