Sharing right not applied in a group

I have a computer that are sharing files! I have created a group named "Sharing Users" i created account the this computer of the account name on the others computer i want to give access to my shared folder! and i add the group to the folder! when i go on the other computer i receive a access denied.

I tried to simply add every user to the folder sharing (user that was in the Sharing Users group) and when i try on the other computer vlan! all work fine! the computer have acess! but that very boring to add every <deleted by community support> user to every stupid folder i want share! if i create a new user to access shared file i have to read it to all the folder.

I think that the other computer don't know the user in the group so he don't know that he have access, but when i add it's login name he got it! I don't have a domain in my LAN so account and group is local! but if win2k that share is not too stupid it's supposed to be him that decide if a user have access to a share! not the other computer that verify le right on the computer! anyway maybe it's just a config problem!

So if someone has a workaround or solution to make group work like it's supposed to, do post it :).
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
True - Did you change any of these ?

You may need to add your " Sharing Users" group to the folder permissions !!

I hope this helps !
You added the users you want to access this folder to the group sharing users, then gave the group sharing users permissions to the share? you do not have deny applied to any group do you?
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make sure the group you created is a local group.

Also check any policies.

Strange that the single names work, but not the group names ?

Is this a Server or workstation ?

I hope this helps !
powlinAuthor Commented:
Lab1 : sorry i was angry last night ;)

SysExpert : the group and account name is created on the server! there's no domain so every account is local! but the account of workstation computer is add on the server in the group i created and what to give acces to shared folders!
You need to give access in 2 places in win2k.

1) On the share itself, when it is defined.

2) On the files and folder locally on the server. Right click on the folder on the server, choose properties and go to the security tab.

I hope this helps !
powlinAuthor Commented:
hummm but by default all folder has is security set to Everyone!
powlinAuthor Commented:

i tried it and all work
i don't change anything since i post this question and everything work fine now! don't know why maybe it's a synchronisation in windows 2000 that take some time to be enterly active! anyway i give you the pts

thank for the help!
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