not enough space?

I have installed win 2000 on my PC.
Although I anticipated some teething problems, two issues are bugging me!

1.  I try to play a game (CM 00/01) which admittedly needs a lot of disk space, but the message appears that it's just too much to cope with.
Now, is this memory, or hard drive space?  Theorectically i've got about 22Gb free, so this is bizarre.
At the same time, this is the only programme running, so it can't be taking up too much ram either.

How can I persuade the PC that i have, in fact, plenty?

It worked before, when the PC was on Windows ME.

2. The seconfd issue is linked - my pc wants to download everyhting to my d drive, which is meant to be a back up.  How can I teach it to install in the c/programme files like everyone else?

many thanks,  neil
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sturobinson17Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if u want to have Windows 2000 and ME on at the same time, you could still play your games and have the stability of windows 2000 for your more serious PC use.
"2. The seconfd issue is linked - my pc wants to download everyhting to my d drive, which is meant to
be a back up.  How can I teach it to install in the c/programme files like everyone else?"

when ever you download or install something it will ask you where you want to save the need to select the drive you want to use.....    do you mean it doesn't give you this choice?
1> Your Win2K install may have taken up more HD space than your ME installation.
2> Is your Win2K installed on your D drive? This is when I usually see the "other-drive" reference.  I presume there is a registry entry for this. I'd have to research it.
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1> oops...22GB free? should be enough space left over. *S * How much RAM do you have in your box? And are you letting Windows manage your virtual memory?
NeilT I think the problem you have is OS related in other words Operating System. As I read through your question i thought what it could be and only one thing came to mind the game has a problem with Win 2000 clearly sorry to tell you that. I suggest that you still try and resolve the problewm on your own if you want to keep Win 2000 otherwise wipe win 2000 and install Win 98 SE i know its no Win 2000 but it is the second choice you have. Be well!
You can try running the OS compatibility application that comes with Win2K, as well. You can tell the OS to run the game as if it was Win98. This might resolve your issue. Look for the application on your Win2K disk, as it isn't installed by default.


Don't think this is tottally OS related. I had this game running perfectly happily under Win 2k Pro on an 8Gb drive, then when I bought a new 60Gb drive it worked perfectly well on that, with upwards of 50Gb free...

You don't mention how much RAM you are running CM is notoriously greedy with RAM, so killing any un-necessary tasks prior to starting the game might help, on a Win2k machine I wouldn't really reccomend trying it with anything less than 128Mb.

You also don't actually state whether the error is occurring during the game startup or during the install process...
Is the game an original copy or a ripped copy cause if it is a ripped copy the person who gave it too you may not have given the best version available
NeilT080301Author Commented:
this was news to me -I'm happy now!
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