IE v5.00 cause cold boot (BIOS mem check restart)

Running Win98SE 4.10.2222A
Start IE v5.00.2919.6307
CPU K6-2/400

During page construction of some pages the PC is cold started (ie BIOS mem check appears).

Peripherals: Matrox M2 AGP v4.11.01.4330
             Intel 21140 10/100 v5.01
I have run Norton AV latest on all files
I have run SFC and it reports all OK
I have run scandisk and it finds nothing wrong
I have cleared the IE History & Temp files
I have manually removed IE Temp files missed by above

I have found some pages cause a cold reboot and others are OK. Those that are OK are always OK and those that cause a reboot always cause a reboot.

If I do not use IE then it does not reboot. If I use Outlook2000 all is OK until I click on a link in an email to a website and then depending on the page I will get a reboot.... everytime it does a reboot I see the memcheck so its more than a 'restartt' its a cold start.

Anyone any great ideas on the problem?

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newwaveproConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes these plug ins can get corrupted to you can over install but I suggest before you do is get a complete list of items not working properly then next is go through uninstall the program first then remove the keys from there as well that way it will be as if it never existed on the system.  There is numerous problems with programs such as Real Player, Macromedia Flash 5 for just examples.

This also couold be due to the system just being low on RAM, but the Cache memory would not come into play as this is not a winNT or 2k box.
Don ThomsonCommented:
You need to update your IE 5.00 to 5.1 or 5.5  That version was ridden with bugs. Do that and see if the problem goes away

I would check the video driver.
I have found that certain display adapters are very finicky [sp?] and will cause the system to reboot if the correct driver is not installed. You may actually have to get the number off of the chip on your Matrox Video Adapter card to ensure you have the correct driver. Matrox may have a utility to check your card's BIOS and provide you with the chip number.

Free Tool: Site Down Detector

Helpful to verify reports of your own downtime, or to double check a downed website you are trying to access.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

If the above hints do not help, also make sure you have ALL the latest drivers including motherboard drivers.
I have found reboots caused by IRQ problems - try to move the IRQ of the matrox to an less used IRQ in SAFE mode.

Also look for duplicate devices in device  manager in safe mode and delete them.
I hope this helps !
And if you have followed all the great advice from above and it still reboots - try this:
Bookmark some pages that cause your computer to reboot for testing purposes later. . .
Then go to Start  |  Run      and type--->     msconfig
and go to the StartUp tab -- uncheck everything except Systray.  Now reboot the computer. Now run IE and add
ONLY ONE thing at a time back from msconfig and reboot each time - and run IE and go to the pages that you bookmarked above to test for reboot.
Well beyond what is indiciated here Do you happen to get an error box that appears when you click on the resource or not depending on that

Here is a seperate link relating to IE and win98
DaveEverittAuthor Commented:
Suggestions taken on board, testing started ... all are great suggestions choosing will be tough. Due to work commitments it will be a while (best guess 2 weekends, thats two weeks) before I have had time to try them.

Check your RAM too...esp. Cache RAM if your computer has one installed. I have seen NT Server reboot and STOP errors and when I took out the Cache RAM, everything was fine!
DaveEverittAuthor Commented:
Located IE5.5 on a mag cover disk, installed and then downloaded the Sp1 from WindowsUpdate so I now have
IE 5.50.4522.1800 SP1
Problem still shows itself, particularly repeatable trying to get to
- Simple sites are OK (nothing more complex than music)
- Outlook 2000, Word, Excell and Powerpoint OK
- Download of 15690Kbytes performed successfully
    (I have a 10/100 ethernet to a router & ISDN)
So, it would seem that IE is the only application affected and only when certain webpages are attempted.

Could it be that one of the plugins is corrupted? I ran SFC and it reported all OK but I am not sure it checks plugins. I have no idea how to remove plugins and reload them ...

This weekend I will take a look at the other suggestions.

Thanks for the help so far.

For some reason I missed the word registry in my last post, I meant to go through the registry and remove and key related to the programs causing problems.  Just thought I would clarify that.
DaveEverittAuthor Commented:
Well, as always I should really share the points between two suggestions. The update IE 5.0 to 5.5 and the idea that the plugins may be corrupt.

I used another PC to get to macromedia's site, located the support page that provided a download to remove shockwave and made a note of the flash removal process.

I then ran the uninstall and delete the file as per macromedia's suggestions. Reboot and now everything is working wonderfully .... no cold starts no matter where I go on the web.

Conclusion, the plug ins were corrupt. Newwavepro put me onto the idea after I fooled around with the upgrade and from my efforts asked the question.

Anyway, thanks all for the suggestions.

DaveEverittAuthor Commented:
It would seem after some time of use that the problem was not fixed just hidden .... I try to reopen and if not post a new.

The situation is now that if I run dxdiag the dxdiag screen appears, there is a 10-20 seconds noise of the disk thrashing (I guess recovering system details) and then the PC reboots to a cold start (memory check running).

I can no longer get access to experts-exchange from the machine as the pop up window that appears when you start (Pop off!) seems to use DX in some way ....

I am about to format the hard disk and start again!

Well you can reinstall the Direct X 8.0a from microsoft and do that before reformatting...
DaveEverittAuthor Commented:
More research highlights that if I run it as a SVGA then all is fine, so the Matrox M2 driver is the suspect. However, its the latest WHQL version so I now struggle!

I am about to pull out the M2 and replace it with a GF2 hope is it goes away!

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