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I am using windows 98. When in dos prompt I can't change the drive to my cd rom.
The cd rom works fine from windows, I can see it in explorer.
This is a problem because I want to format my hard drive but I can't install windows from a cd.
I have tried booting from a floppy and looking one drive letter higher and that did not work.
Can anyone tell me how to make my computer recognize my cd rom from anywhere?

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You need a boot disk that loads the cd-rom driver.

Try this to see if it will work when you shutdown and hit F8, then choose command pronmpt. If you receive no error message, type d: and hit Enter (assumming D: is your cd-rom drive.)

Here's a sample for autoexec.bat
Here's a sample for Config.sys

make your boot disk by going to Start>Settings>ControlPanel, click the Startup disk tab and create it here.

You can use the generic oakcdrom.sys from the Win98 boot disk. Just copy it to c:\windows\command and you can use the above exactlty as it stands.

If you create the boot disk from Windows 98 you shouldn't need to do anything else but to put it in your floopy drive have the BIOS boot from the floopy. Enventually you should see a menu with three options the first one bieng boot with CD ROM support, choose that option and hit the enter key. If you don't choose one of the options then it defaults to that option anyway.
check and see if you can get one that supports your cd, or see there for how to make one
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what happens if you set the pc to boot from the cd-rom in the bios?Does it recognize a windows98 cd?
ok when you are on dos prompt type
c:\edit config.sys.
when entered write the following line
then save and close the file,then use your cd driver to install driver on dos and restart .
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blackpool1999Author Commented:
Thanks reghakr that worked.
I'm now able to find my cd drive in dos.

I appreciate all the help.
How do I assign the points to you?

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good job reghakr
blackpool1999Author Commented:
Thanks for the help!
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