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I just bought a sp pentium4 ready case from codegen group on and I have installed and hooked up everything properly but I have no power to anything, not even a light on the front of the case. Any suggestions?
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Power supply sounds DOA...T
Do you hear or see the fan turning inside the power supply. If not and if there is a switch on the back of the power suppply toggle it and then see what happens.

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Umm another thought and I know it is a silly question but is the power supply cord plugged into the machine securely and is the other end hooked to a live outlet or a power strip that the switch is in the on position.
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
How sure are you that you hooked up everything properly?  If you don't have those little plugs that go from the switches to the motherboard in the right place, then your power button won't work.  Also, most cases have 2 power buttons now - you have the one in the back, and then what's called a soft button in the front.  Make sure the one in the back is flipped to where it needs to be.
On most power supplies there is a switch that changes the voltage from 115 to 230, make sure it's in the correct position for the voltage your utility supplies.
It is advisable to DISCONNECT ALL the connectors from the power supply before you do this:
Unplug the power supply.
Remove the 20 pin ATX connector from the main board, find the gray wire, use a paper clip to jumper it to any black wire (on that connector), make sure the paper clip does not touch anything else during the procedure.
Plug it in, and turn it on.
The fan in the power supply should run. If it doesn't, the power supply is defective.
This simulates a power good signal from the motherboard, and tells the power supply to turn on.
This only works with an ATX supply, don't try it with an older AT/XT supply, since you'll destroy it for sure.
If your power supply is good, then the problem is your motherboard.
A freind of mine had the same problem, turns out the video card wasn't seated correctly
AS already suggested double check everything, Voltages on main power supply on back of computer.  Make sure switch on back is on, surge protector is plugged in and on, and that your wires in side are plugged in.

I am just waiting for someone to suggest that he has the wrong drivers loaded:-)!
Make sure "ALL" cards are secure and not grounding out against the case.  If needed remove all extra cards, down to just the video card, processor, memory, floppy drive and harddrive.

Those five components are the essential to have a computer boot up. make sure all the cables are FIRMLY connected but NOT FORCED into the plugs, check for things such as bent pins on the motherboard or if the board has been properly secured to the case and it is not loose in the case.

If the case has any hotglued connections, there has been occasions where the gun has melted a connection and caused damage to occur so double check if this has happened.

Once you establish the Video card, CPU, Memory, FD, and HDD all work and will boot the computer then plug in the remaining devices ONE AT A TIME, so that you will be able to determine if it is a bad device or just plugged in wrong or got jarred from shipping (which happens)

Hope some of these suggestions lead you to the solution
What goes in must come out.
If you have all hooked up right, the the PS may be DOA as suggested.
Use a simple household tester to see if you have power on the outlet end.
There is a fuse in the PS, most likely inline, similar to a car or sterio fuse that would cause it to shutdown, but accessing it will most likely void your warrantee.
Proceed with caution!
My suggestion in such cases is to take all cards and the memory out. Just have a cpu and hook the power supply, speaker and the power switch to the mobo.  

It was not clear, what motherboard are you using?  

If you fail to get any response with no memory,
the way to test the power supply is as follows.
You cannot test the case without any load, you must at least have a hard drive hooked up to the power supply.  Then temporarily short the green cable on the motherboard connector to a black wire.  This should turn it on.  

We had a computer that was flakey in our lab and it turned out to be the power cable did not fit securely in the power supply
eek105 is quite right, it should be the green wire.....maybe.
I took a look at some power supplies I have here and found that some are wired much differently from others (atx compliant?) 3 different wiring arrangements, anyway I have turned up a common method to test......
The 20 pin atx connector attached to the power supply should have pin numbers on it (hard to see, but there).
pin 14 to pin 7 with  a paper clip should turn the ps on.

I incorrecty stated that this was a power good signal from the motherboard, it is a power on signal from the motherboard. Sorry for causing any confusion.
You've probably already seen these, but....

1) ensure cord is plugged in firmly to wall and power supply.
2) ensure switch on power supply (back of pc) is on
3) make sure voltage selector switch is set for the right voltage
4) make sure all power connectors on motherboard are firmly attached
5) make sure power switch on fron is connected
6) make sure the power to components (disk drives, floppy, etc) are not in backwards
7) check power outlet with voltage tester if available
8) i'm assuming you've taken note if the fan is on or not, so the next thing I'd check is the power connectors to the peripherals, swicthes, and drives with a multi-meter if available.
9) For safety's sake, don't short-circuit anything with a paper clip (experience talking + burnt finger) - a multi meter or test light is the safest way to go.
10) if all else fails, scrap the power supply - they're an FRU (field replacable unit) anyway.

Good luck....hope it works out
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