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save lines to a file

 I know the commands of saveing the lines from say richedit, but i know in borland it saves everything in richedit at that time, how would i go about adding some lines to and end of a file
 i am not sure if this is the case in visual c++ but if anyone out there can help me it would be greatly apreciated.

 Thanks for your time...:)
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1 Solution
To save a line to a file in std c++:
ofstream f("target.file);
f << "Line1" << endl;
f << "Line2\n";

(The first is more portable)
Well, you might want to add:

#include <fstream>
using std::ofstream;

at the begining of that code...
a1a2, say your IDE where you are doing. As i know, it is not correct simply add a line,
 bacuse file format structure will changed.
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I don't know about Borland's or which control are you using. If you are using the standard Win95 RichEdit control, you can get data from them with streams(once you get the data then you can save it to a file, like shown above). Check this link:

You can create a TStringList, and load the file into it.
Then, add each line from the string list to the rich edit control, and delete the string list.
Code may be as :
TStringList *tmpList = new TStringList;
for(int i=0;i<tmpList->Count;i++)
delete tmpList;

I hope, it helps. Alex
a1a2Author Commented:
Ah, yes i get your drift, all answers have been helpful

with borland if thats the only way to do it, i guess i am screwed...:)

as the files i am loading is about 5meg full of data, so yeah maybe i have to resort to vc++

but i would of thought there was some simple command to add text/data or what ever to the end of a file with out actually opening it...

ill give it a few more days, before i award the points...thanks ya all...
hi AlexVirochovsky,
The experts in this section have agreed to post Comments rather than Answers.  This provides more help for the question asker, since more experts are likely to see and respond to the question.  The question asker will get more diverse and useful information to help him solve his problem.

It may seem like a great way to get points -- locking a question so no other experts will look at it, but it really is unfair to all involved.  So please, post comments, like everybody else.  Thanks!

hi ala2,
Is the file just plain text -- or does it have italics, font changes, tables, etc in it?

If it is just plain text, you can simply open the file, seek to the end, write some text and close it.  That would be a lot more efficient than opening it and streaming all 5MB of its data into a control and then writing it back out.

-- Dan
a1a2Author Commented:
What do you mean by locking the question??
i haven't touched anything...

i offered 200 points for some advise to this question

What you said was logical, i think i should of thought about this question a bit more, cause it is relitavly easy answer, but i guess i am still new to programming, thank for your comments...:)

How do i award the points??
a1a2Author Commented:
Ah, i get ya

sorry i thought you where talking to me..:)

Thanks again for your answers...:)
You have awarded the points to AlexVirochovsky.  Was that your intention?  Did you use his TStringList idea?  Or did you just append to the text file as I suggested?

From this comment...

>>What you said was logical, i think i should of thought about this question a bit more, cause it is relitavly
easy answer, ...

..which you posted right after my comment, I think that you intended to give the points to me.

Please reply.  Thanks!

-- Dan
a1a2Author Commented:
Well, i did...But what can we do about it now??

ah dont worrie about it man...

If i post any more messages ill have to watch what i actually clicking...:)

thanks man....
a1a2, not to worry.  AlexVirochovsky will get to keep his/her points, we do not take them away.  I will open a question for Dan_Rollins and award him 200 points for the correct answer.  These point will not come from your bank, as I will absorb the points on my side.

We all make mistakes, that inludes us Moderators.

Consider this question closed, and I take care of the rest.

Thanks all,
Community Support Moderator
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