Direct cable connection between 2 computers in W2K

Please could someone tell me how to make a direct cable link between 2 computers? I wish to access the CDRom drive in one computer by another and despite instructions in Help, I remain confused and unsuccessful.

I shall be grateful for any help.

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schnauzerAuthor Commented:
Yes. Thank you stevenlewis. I nominated the 2 machines as host and guest and set them up according to instructions. Then when I click connect from the guest machine, connection seems to be established but the host desktop doesn't appear as it used to in the old days of W95 and 98.

I really need a child's guide to DCC!

after the connection, can you ping the other machine? map a drive to it?
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Does DCC require the networking client ?
Maybe the computer shows up in network neighborhood ?

I hope this  helps !
schnauzerAuthor Commented:
stevenlewis, I don't know how to ping the other machine. As far as my attempts to map the drive go, I simply wish to access E: drive and that is not possible because none of the drive letters I require, are listed. I have selected E: for sharing, but that hasn't helped either.

SysExpert, Thank you for your input. Network Neighbourhood on the Guest computer does not contain the name of the Host computer.

I have noticed that on clicking Properties for the device, Direct Parallel LPT1, I get the message, "Currently selected device has no configuration options available". Is this of significance?

As I have said, the 2 machines appear to connect and there also are signs of the machines talking to each other with the icons appearing in the respective system trays, but neither the Host desktop, nor any other window,  comes up on the Guest screen.

I assume there is a simple way out of this, but I can't see it and appear to be going round in circles.

Try doing a
Start - run -  \\computername  from the client ( guest amchine ).
Substitute the name of the server computer for computername.

I hope this helps !

You can map a drive from windows explorer, tools, map network drive. then type
make sure you have shared something on the other computer, and use the other computer's name and the share name
you can also do this from a command prompt
net use * \\computername\sharename
Although you may not need it, Dialup Networking must be installed on both machines, as there are components installed with DUN that DCC requires.

schnauzerAuthor Commented:
Thank you SysExpert. We are getting closer! I managed to access the host computer via Run, as you suggested and was then able to use the host's CDRom. Is there any way I can get the "Host" into My Network Places and then connecting directly to the host computer by clicking ?Host? in My Network Places?  In this way I can avoid going into ?Network and Dial-up Connections each time.

Thank you stevenlewis. I may not need to map a drive this time round but I shall certainly look into this now.

Thank you Dennis. It seems that DUN as such isn?t in W2K, at least I couldn?t find it. Perhaps it exists in another form? However, I think we are close to solving my problem now.

1) I think you may be able to drag a shortcut of the CD to your desktop for easy access.

2) using the Map a drive method should also work, and then the drive will show up in MY computer for easy access.

I hope this helps !

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schnauzer, Dial-Up Networking is included in Windows 2000, just make sure that all of components have
been installed.
schnauzerAuthor Commented:
Thank you, SysExpert and thanks to all the other contributors. You have all been great help. EE never disappoints.

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